Musing Angel...01  

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Musing Angel...01

Sitting with her legs crossed over each other, Jane gave her broken wing a little flap. The one contracting above her right shoulder was still maneuverable, but her left wing was rigid, adamantly inflexible, obstinately fixed. Defying her Lord, she’d lost her heavenly privilege of flying though she didn’t really care…for she saw her mission on earth as helping out those who ‘she’ felt needed the most help.

Even with dried and shedding wings, she’d not give up on the man who’d become an amazing artist do to her pulling him out of a foul state of sloppy drunkenness. OK So he never quit drinking, but…his paintings did improve with Jane’s help. However, it only provided him with the money he’d need to destroy himself all that much quicker. After seeing the decline of her champion artist, her prize, Jane sat not only to contemplate all the time she’d put into this human; but also, she wondered how she could ever apologize to God, Himself, for not having listened.

“He already knows I’m sorry, though, cause He knows everything,” she pondered feeling like she wasn’t quite off the hook, but the thought was good enough for the moment and so she smiled, took another sip from her whiskey bottle, and popped the joint back into the corner of her mouth.

In her black suede vest and birthday suit to complete her attire, she still shed a tear for the human she’d built up…for his fall would be greater than if she’d have left him alone. There wasn’t a smile in the world that could prevent that from happening; and though he didn’t know her quite yet aside from a faint voice calling out in the distance, she’d made him a promise many years ago to stay by his side until he returned to heaven, in which direction, she’d at least, helped him attain.

The studio was faintly lit when David Dollie passed away after consuming his last bit of alcohol from a decanter of Jack Danielle’s. His breath eased out audibly as Jane helped slow down the fall of his head onto the desk where three of his sketches lay unfinished.

Before Jane left the penthouse, she made sure to uncover the will David had signed and hid … secretly wanting to find inner happiness before presenting it.

Too many grudges he’d held against himself for the things he’d been told he wasn’t by the woman who’d left him in his youth. He’d never quite healed and forgiven himself for not being enough, but he knew from the day his life turned around, the day his work began to sell and he felt like he was making something out of his life again, that he’d make everything up to her…everything she’d told him he wasn’t and how he’d not been the man she thought he was when they first met, the man who actually was a wonderful husband and so much more, thought Jane, yet he’d found himself crippled and unable to get back up after she’d gone…and it wasn’t until his angel, his muse, came along that life started to stride forward improvement by improvement.

The will was not made out to his x-wife but to his daughter and son, who’d, he not had an opportunity to know due to the tragic suicide attempts and the court finding him incapable, unsafe in fact, of being around the children. So…David had left fleeing to the streets, to drugs, and alcohol and lost himself.

That’s were Jane started to help, to guide and caress him back to a level of health where he’d rediscover himself and become stronger and more ‘manly’ than he ever knew possible.

Everything he’d ever made was left in trust funds for the children… everything they’d ever need financially was set aside…and now…David would, as an angel himself, cling to his children as a spirit to guide, protect, and nurture their wounds from losing their father and not being close enough to him over the years.

Jane put out the nearly the stub of what she was smoking and reminisced several experience she’d shared with David as his spirit appeared beside her while she walked out of the apartment with their arms interlocked.

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