Diaries of a Madman...25  

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10/26/2005 4:53 am

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Diaries of a Madman...25

While nibbling on my little boy’s ear at dinner this evening, it dawned on me that the really important things in life are the ones closest to us. Sometimes I spend so much time searching for new hope that I fail to see what I have not to mention the trailing off into complete abandonment of my responsibilities. Not that I’m shrugging anything off, I’m just a dreamer.

Now, as my son lies next to me drifting off into the world in which his papa lives, I don’t feel so badly about what happened today.

I was instructed by my principal that if my students fail to score higher on their next set of exams, I’m entitled to know that my opportunities for employment could very well abide outside my current career. It’s impossible for me to believe that I could try so hard at teaching without succeeding, yet Ashley has recently thrown the I Ching for guidance in such matters.

We were both surprised to see that the higher elements have set aside a career in education outside what I’m currently doing. I didn’t understand the other day when he first told me, but now the reading seems to coincide with today’s ‘curve ball’. Perhaps the stars do have our paths etched in them for it seems to me that this is once again more than mere happenstance.

What events have occurred in your life recently that might lead you to believe that something or someone greater than all of us is watching over us even when we feel trapped, abandoned, or beat up?

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