Diaries of a Madman....40  

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10/31/2005 4:04 pm

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Diaries of a Madman....40

We were all partners in our last life, pals, a group of highly successful individuals. This life time, we helped create and manifest in order to play our game. With His blessing, we were born, grew, and developed into the strength each of us would need to fulfill our vision.

Divine intervention touched our lives only when we could not do it for ourselves. We knew it was only a function of our higher selves, but pretended we had never lost control even when it was clear that we had.

We introduce ourselves, and our other pals grow in waiting.

When we laugh together but do not understand why, it is only our souls sharing in this secret, this game of unconscious, spiritual play, delighting and rejoicing in its unraveling, for our souls know what we don’t.

I accept you wholly and free myself of all by simply accepting the knowledge of the game.

In our truth, faith, and confidence,

Your Soul mate always,

Chris Forte
The writer within you…

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