Diaries of a Madman....124  

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11/10/2005 1:57 am

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Diaries of a Madman....124

It's a great time to spoon up to a movie under the hum of soft light and a barely audible sigh of relief for warmth slowly unleashed. It’s that closeness between two lips that do not know each pushing a chest pounding heart to stay still and unheard.

Our breath the communion of two vintage wines
That spill into each other and wrap up the uneasy mind...with vineyards more fertile the likes of Florence hasn’t seen.

The diaries we write will surely set the world a glow. Ask not for love's sweet caress since love is what is being born. At dusk's eager dismissal, our fire had already begun.

Such heat has intoxicating aromas which the olfactory is led to dine; I have not one request that I brush slowly but that…should a faint, persuasiveness unfold… you allow a lapping that causes your receptive tender-blush palette to shine.

In the cape of darkness cloud, souls freed by one another by freedom binding no others.

Petals to those roses such as never known, these lips do adorn you in places forever unsown.

By oath that breaks through all reason, a voice of long standing exclaims, the thoughts which rush into the mind surging behind the brain, a high that’s never reached and yet a feverish sensation is that of ecstasy floating before me, unearthed and envisioned.

I'm with you now...hearing your heat beat and feeling your lips rhythmically brush against the side of my neck pausing now and then only to fill the fullness of the moment.

Your body moonlight to my madness

I’m running my fingertips down every curve, brushing your inner thighs with these dripping eyes…that long to be more fully within you

I see every bit of tartness…with pawing tongues sipping honey at every convenience waiting only such refined well rounded pulses that jerk in the harmony with breath held, released, held, growing more rapidly than before, ready for release…

an unquenchable thirst for an unknown lover the likes of whom is so abruptly uncovered, petals this rare are kissed by strong lips that might unfold

Embracing for what seems eternal bitter sourness as what appetite-quenching has yet to satiate the hunger left untold

A line of liquid hot to match the inner spot which I did long to find time and time again

I lay inverted and at your feet for silently for a time till I can’t help but resist you, a fetish scent unwinds; as lips wrap your ankles of flowers that only lips can give playing out the cords by which again your sex will live. Plucking out the melodies caressing the bareness between your toes, a tongue that finds its way beyond its childish nose. The bitterness a yearning for more which your body holds

Sorry…tell me if it’s too much,

My lips are wet between you licking between the folds losing myself inside you smelling like more and more of the rose that promises more of wonder my prayers do lack the wisdom to enclose; this force which does propel me to savor the scent of your skin as pushing upwards relieves me as I slip in again.

A spotlight shinning brightly on nipples juxtaposed, this sheet slipping off again so relentless and indisposed, firmly pressed against you fingers loosely held

Send me more illusions that I might join you in such sweet reverie beside the golden pond; I'll lay myself beside you and bask in the meaning before me so entirely and fully profound

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