My first time (no.....not that first time)  

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1/24/2006 12:14 am

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My first time (no.....not that first time)

*The Meet and greet*

Location: A Shitty bar in a town full of shitty bars

Time of day: 9:47pm

opening Scene:
A well dressed, and (if I may say so) very handsome man enters the bar. He slowly canvasses the room. Seeing his prey (old western music playing) he walks toward a group of tables. Drawing close to his target he reaches into his pocket. He's only steps away now. He stops abruptly, and pulls out...............a mint!


That's right, you have to have good breath when attending your first Meet and Greet.

TheVixen4u set up fucking great night. I was welcomed with open arms, and seemed to fall right in with everyone like I've known them for years. We drank, we talked, we joked, we drank, we sang, we laughed, we groped, did I say we drank??

It was a hell of a time!

I spent the most time with Central_fl_fun , Eeetmykitty and of course The Vixen herself! If you get a chance to meet any of them take it. They're a bunch of laughs and then some, and I'll definitely be at the next one.


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