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12/28/2005 11:46 pm

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about self love

No one can ever replace the love you don’t have for yourself. You can search and search and search and it will never happen. After a lot of tears, sleepless nights, and heartache you will be forced to agree to what I am saying. I have come across a handful of people looking for love on this site, one that is geared towards sex. To those people you are asking to be used and hurt. And although talking to you is like leading a blind horse through a pasture (they can smell the grass they just don’t know the way to it) I will try to help you.

If you don’t have enough love for yourself you don’t have any to give to anyone else either. Please remember that love is a two way street you have to give something to the relationship. And there is a big difference between wanting, or even trying to love someone and actually being in love with that person. Your thinking is off, some of you think that if you find someone to love you that you will naturally love them back. However have you thought about the fact that they may have been trying this whole and wondering why you are holding back? My guess would be someone who lacks the first love (self-love); love in any form would be hard to spot even if it slapped you in the face.

The reason that I write this is not to embarrass or hurt anyone. It is to inform you that you are looking for love in the wrong place. This is a site for sex, and sex only; yeah I have read the “success” stories but don’t expect such a miracle. If you are looking for love you are willing prey for someone with evil intensions. They probably won’t hurt you physically, but emotionally and mentally they will run you to ground. Lets remember emotional and mental abuse is real, harmful, and dangerous.

If it sounds like I am speaking from experience I am. I have learned that the things you love may not love you back, the things you need you may not get, and all that you want is a luxury. Word Up.

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