Mile High Musings continued  

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5/5/2006 5:04 pm

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Mile High Musings continued

Yeah... I actually wrote a lot more than what's in that previous post.


I was friendly, but didn't encourage further interaction. I need to be more non-introverted.

I want a cigarette!!!

*ok, I'm interrupting myself again -- I quit smoking about 3 months ago. Now I'm addicted to DumDum lollipops. Anyway...*

Ok -- back to age. So, I've only had sex with a guy who I consider "older" once. And it was good even though physically the guy probably wasn't one I'd approach in real life. He gave VERY good e-mail. So, if I was wrong about age -- maybe I'm wrong about looks, too? I don't know what I mean even!

I'm trying to see if cute guy with glasses has a ring or not.

Shit. I forgot that the altitude can make me tipsier faster. I think. Or it could be just cuz I hadn't eaten? I'm dropping my french fries!

How do I get cute guy over here?

I'm gonna do drunk girl act... and make a fool of myself? But why should that matter?

No ring.

Totally blatently obvious idiot.

Me that is.

Ok, so, he said he'd talk to me again if I was still here when his friends leave.

So now I have to wait.

Ok, I can wait a little.

Waiting. Waiting.

Otherwise, I have to drop off my room number on a piece of paper.

And risk him and his friends making fun of me. And I still don't know why that matters.


The end.

So, in case you couldn't tell, the cute guy with glasses did come over to my table and chat for a bit. I *did* do the drunkgirl thing and told him he was cute but that I was only telling him because I was drunk. Which, actually, was true, even though it was thought out.

And then he did come back to my table a bit later.

I ended up telling him about my recent attempts to, well, basically, have a LOT of sex. He kept asking questions and was a really good listener. I ususally do NOT talk much to people I don't know. I know, hard to believe seeing as I type so much to people I don't know. But, he was really good at getting me to blab. And I was *pretty* sure that my telling him about my promiscuity wasn't going to help in getting him to my room, but it was fun talking to him and so, I didn't care.

And the people I'm going to dinner with just called my room saying they're ready...

So, the what happened after I wrote in my journal part will have to be written later.

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