Dammit people!  

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4/23/2006 12:31 pm

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Dammit people!

I am NOT a bitch. Really. I swear.

I get pissed off sometimes and rant, but quickly get over getting upset about almost anything.

I get a lot of emails that are, well, mean. Nasty. Calling me names and telling me what a horrible person I am. And then I think that I should write what I'm writing now on my blog. But, then I worry that whoever it is that JUST sent me a not-so-nice email will assume that it's ALL because of them that I'm writing this. When it's not.

So, to the person with whom I just had an email conversation clearing up a misunderstanding of what I thought was a mean email, but really it wasn't... that just *reminded* me that I wanted to write this. My ranting here doesn't apply to you.

However, to the REST of you who have sent me icky emails...

and, yes, I realize that none of those people are likely to be reading this blog and I'm kind of yelling at exactly the people who wouldn't send those emails. But, hey, if one can't vent via blog, where can one vent? I can't exactly call up my mom and say "Mom, I've got to tell you about these jerks on AdultFriendFinder..."

... anyway. I really do get sometimes 50 or more emails a day. And I'm not saying that as bragging or anything like that. I know that those emails have nothing to do with who I am, what I look like, or what I've said. The majority of them are sent to me JUST because I'm female. But I still really really want to answer all of them, even if it's with a simple "no, thanks." Though, I do just delete any that don't make much sense or are outright misogynistic or are from people who didn't read my profile. For example, I recently got an email complimenting me on my "short, sweet and to the point" profile. Short??? Anyway, I digress.

So, it takes me a LONG time to answer everyone. Really. Much longer than it seems like it should. And I'm working my way through my inbox in reverse chronological order. Just because that's easier. I know it's not logical otherwise, though.

So, guys, if you have written me a nice thought out letter and I don't answer you RIGHT AWAY. Just HOLD YOUR HORSES! (Uhm, actually, if you mention horses in the email, that might freak me out and I might have deleted it... )

Don't go and then send me an email every day or two a day and then eventually call me a complete bitch and fake for not having answered.

OTOH, I *don't* mind constructive criticism. Meaning, if I really do come across as a bitch and you can tell me why and how I might fix that, then I welcome it. I might not agree, but I can still appreciate hearing it. (Yes, I know I babble. You don't need to tell me that part.)

Just plain mean emails make me sad. And moody.

That's why I had to quit a telemarketing job I had once. I don't like it when people are mad at me. Especially people I don't even know.

That's all.

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