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4/25/2006 7:41 pm

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Buzzed blogging

Disclaimer: I am under the influence of alcohol. All misspellings, which I am SO anal about, are a result of my fingers not doing what I tell them to.

Buzzed blogging. Inebriated emailing. All to replace drunk dialing. Gotta love aliteration.

So. I hope everyone who contacts me and whom I go and meet realizes that I kiss and tell, as I referred to in an earlier blog post. Really, that should be warning enough, I'd think.

Guy emails me with a fantabulous fantasy idea. My profile *asks* guys to email me their fantasies. As an aside: Even if a fantasy doesn't appeal to me right away, sometimes they kind of incubate in my mind and become a turn-on later on. End of aside. This guy's fantasy TOTALLY made me hot. Well, except for one little part that was easily fixed. And he emailed his photo in the email. And he was legible.

So, I emailed him back. Unfortunately, at the moment, I'm kind of out of comission for full-on sex. WTF, I'm babbling about all my personal secrets anyway, right? I had a ridiculous allergic reaction to, I think, a new shaving cream I bought. And I keep myself, uhm... trimmed. Bad bad dermatological situation. So, no fucking. Ouch.

But, I happen to love sucking cock. No really. I do. And being told what do. OMG. This guy was so fucking incredibly good at the whole scenario.

You know what? I am *really* too buzzed to give a description that is worthy of the experience.

But, for the titillation of my almost non-existant audience: Major flirtaion (did I mention that this guy is so fucking gorgeous that I could cream my pants just looking at him? No? Well, true.), groping, blindfold...

hey, guy who I'm not actually identifying... what was that about? I mean, no problem and it ended up being weirdly hot, but, what was up with that? Just curious...

... eventually, parked in a not entirely private space, I get to suck cock, orders taken from him -- damn good voice for that, too -- THEN outSIDE public place, me blindfolded having no idea what the hell is going on and turned on by that, blah blah blah (not that that blah wasn't also great, but I need to go to sleep soon), mouth-full-of-cum. I *think* I missed some, and I LOVE when I miss some, actually, and get to lick it up, but I was blindfolded! and couldn't see where it went.


OMG. This guy must think I'm a total, well, slut. But in a bad way. See? Guys LIKE the idea of a slut *before* they get off. Not so much afterwards. Oh well.

Did I mention I'm not quite sober as I write this?

Good night.

letshvefun2gethr 42M

4/27/2006 3:05 am

Sounds like you had a great time. Your not entirely accurate though. Some guys do like a "slut" afterwards. You see, a women that can be a "slut" when she wants to be is a huge turn-on. It's even better when that same women is standing in front of a group giving a lecture or being the professional women. All the guy is able to think about is "damn, that hot women was sucking my cock like it was her life support system last night".

Now that is a true women. One that can have fun and do what she wants and still be...well..just a lady.

moos106.7 44M  
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4/29/2006 6:09 pm

"Guys LIKE the idea of a slut *before* they get off. Not so much afterwards. Oh well."

Eh, I wouldn't say that. More likely guys with guilt issues or who fancy themselves "male feminists" but are really still buying into the madonna/whore thing are the ones that will turn on the slut after he cums. Yes he'll talk a good game about agreeing you should be free in expressing your sexuality or that you should be as free to screw around as a man without the stigma that's placed on women who do.

As far as I'm concerned, as long as you and your partners are being safe, go for it.

DavidStark2 30M

5/17/2008 10:39 am

i know ladies who cant have sex without sucking dick, and many of them cum from it as well.

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