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Larry gets home late one night and his wife, Linda says: "Where in the
hell have you been?" He replies: "I was out getting a tattoo."

"A tattoo?" She frowned: "What kind of tattoo did get?"

"I got a hundred dollar bill on my privates," he said proudly.

"What the hell were you thinking?" she said, shaking her head in

"Why on earth would an accountant get a hundred dollar bill tattooed on
his privates?"

"Well, for one; I like to watch my money grow, and two; once in a while
I like to play with my money; three; I like how money feels in my hand,
and lastly; instead of you going out shopping, you can stay right here
at home and blow a hundred bucks anytime you want."

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Too funny! LOL -tm

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4/8/2006 4:58 pm

cute one, chill !

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

KarezzaMagick 64M
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4/11/2006 4:28 pm

I'm going to use this at work!

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4/13/2006 9:51 am

how funny! great joke, im gonna go tell it to all my friends now.

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