Room 1402 for ladies only!  

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10/12/2005 12:38 am

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Room 1402 for ladies only!

Here is an erotic story about you a very sexy gal going to meet a complete stranger met here on AFI

You are dressed in a nice blouse and loose fitting slacks when you leave work a little early. Janice tells you to go ahead at 10:30 which is nice, she knows you have plans tonight. Maybe you could make it to my hotel by midnight.

"What lies ahead." you think as you slide into your car, a little nervous. Rick seems to be a nice guy but who knows could he be a nutbar? This adds to the excitement of the night ahead .... will he be rough, gentle, loving or what? "How many times have I cum thinking of being with this Northern mystery man." you say outloud to yourself. Wondering will he lick your pussy until you cry "enough, enough" or hammer your ass with his seven inch member. These thoughts are making it difficult to drive .... you are getting very wet .....

Finally you start driving the freeway and wonders of wonders there is very little traffic. You are soooo wet though. What the heck you undo your slacks and pull them down to your knees tonight you have gone "commando" no panties and start to play with your swollen clit ..... around and around that little button you go up and down your wet pussy and then back to your cum botton it feels so so so "OH, Oh my God goooooooood!" You swerve as you have an orgasm. "Rick better be worth it I almost drove off the road." you giggle. You slide your pants back up and decide that wasn't the safest thing to be doing while driving.

What seemed like hours go by and finally you are getting close to downtown. Where did he say to go "Oh ya College Str." right on College and then to Fourth. Oh my there it is the hotel is half a block away ..... you are getting very excited again. You park in the parkade and start gathering your purse and a small bag of toys and oils "I wonder what Rick is going to do with my dildo .... now that is a pretty silly thought." you say to yourself. You get into the elevator and go to the 14 floor where Rick will be waiting ..... your pussy is getting swollen just thinking about what is about to happen. Down the hall on the right you walk to the last room on the left there it is 1402 and tap tap tap. A shudder goes down your neck and back.

Rick opens the door and is a total gentleman and asks you to cum in. You walk into the room and he closes the door behind you. There is some country music playing softly on the radio and you notice one table lamp is on very soft lighting. On the table is a bottle of nice white wine and Rick offers you a glass ..... You are thinking "Oh my God grab me and hold me before I explode." He rubs against you as he gets a glass and starts to pour some wine for you. "Please I need you right now" you are thinking.

As he hands you the wine Rick admires you and tells you "You look very lovely with clothes on." This is driving you crazy all you want to do is tear all of his clothes off ..... "I think I am going to make you cum tonight and then again and if you are a good girl again and again. Would you like that?" he asks. You sip a bit of wine and respond "That would be very fine very, very fine that is why I am hear and giggle a bit" You are almost cumming in your pants before Rick has even touched you if he doesn't start something soon you are going to tear his clothes off.

Rick tells you "Stand up" and you do he grabs you gently and cups your head with his hands and starts to kiss your mouth. The heat that has built up is incredible, it feels like you are on fire right now. You put your arms around his back and start to squeese him tight. Rick stops kissing now and moves his hands down to the buttons of your blouse one hand cups your right breast and the other unbuttons your blouse. To you it seems like hours before your blouse is off and cascading to the ground.
Around your back his hands go to undo your bra off to the ground it goes .... Rick steps
back and admires his handy work .... You are thinking more more more .... Now Rick starts to suck on those beautiful white breasts and the nipples are getting harder and harder. You caress his hair. Down to your belly he licks and then he kneels in front of you with his face at the same hieghth as your belt and he starts to undo your pants .....finally you think ..... you let your pants drop to the ground.

Rick says "Oh isn't that just lovely commando and shaved just for me or do you always go without panties?" You are breathless and don't respond or maybe you do with the shivers that run through your body just now. Rick helps you lift one foot then the other so you can completely get rid of your slacks. Now he starts to caress your feet and he moves up around and around your legs his hands go up to your knees and then higher up to your thighs oh so close. Now he puts his hands firmly on your buttocks and starts to squeeze and kneed your beautiful ass. He pulls you towards his mouth now and lightly licks that beautiful pussy of yours starting at the bottom of your vagina and slowly up up up to your clit my God you start to shake and shudder you can't hide this orgasm you let out a small scream and feel like you are going to collapse onto that wonderful tongue.
After the first licking I gave you as you stood naked in front of me I stand
up and we hold each other kiss and I rub your head running my fingers
through your long hair. I stand back and start to take my shirt off and you
undo my belt and button on my pants. My shirt is off now and you manage to
pull my pants over my hard cock to the ground. My seven inch penis is
pushing against my briefs wanting to be released, and you carefully pull my
under wear off and admire my manhood.
I suggest we take a shower together and off to the bathroom we go.

We both climb into the bath together and you have the water cascading over
your shoulders trickling down over those lovely breasts of yours. I grab the
soap and start at your shoulders turning you around then down your back
massaging your back until I reach your lovely ass. I soap all over your ass
and down your legs right to your toes, you now turn around and I work my way
back up to your love tunnel and up to your breasts and finally I finish by
kissing you on your lips. We start French kissing exploring each others
mouths all the while my hand is finding your vagina definitely in need of attention, I
insert my middle finger and start to rub your G-spot in and out my finger
goes. You push me away from your mouth wanting me to suck on your clit while
I rub your g-spot and I kneel in front of you again one finger inside of you
and my mouth sucking very gently on your little bud. We do this until you
have another orgasm, shaking and screaming you are quite the moaner and

Now you would like to play a bit. You return the favour by soaping my back
and shoulders down to my ass and then around to my cock which is standing at
attention for my new lover. You soap my balls and penis and then start to
stroke my member with all the soap suds on it. I stop you not wanting to cum
quite yet. I rinse the soap off and we leave the bath tub and I grab a towel
and start to dry you off once you are all dry you take another towel and
return the favor.

We go to the bedroom now with towels around our bodies to keep us warm after
the hot shower. I suggest we have another glass of wine and you sit on the
bed with your head against the head board and I bring you a glass. I cuddle
up to you and you sip your wine, I ask if you brought any toys and you say
"over in the bag". I go and bring the bag to the bed and pull out your
vibrator, oh you must enjoy this don't you? I turn it on and start massaging
your breasts with it until your nipples get erect. down your tummy and then
over your vagina but not inside, down the inside of your thighs and then up the
other leg until I reach your vagina again. I slide it in right to the hilt
and you groan deeply. I pull it out and roll you over onto your stomach and
reach into the bag and you have some lovely flavoured oil which i pour on
your other hole. Your ass is very tight but with oil and slowly moving the
dildo in a bit at a time I finally get it in all the way. I slide it in and
out now and you are enjoying the sensations soooooo much now.

I get you to roll over now leaving the dildo in your ass I start licking
your vagina starting at the bottom moving up to your clit then back down to
the bottom of your vagina and up again to your clit. After doing this a few
times I start spending more time on your clit sucking and running my tongue
around that amazing button. All this time I am slowly moving the
dildo in and out of your hot ass. You start going crazy with all this
stimualtion , you may even have an orgasm, it is definitely allowed.

After a little rest I sit on your lap with your back against the headboard
and start rubbing my cock on your beautiful breasts rubbing the nipples
until they start to get hard again. Then I offer my cock to you and you
start to suck on it. Not too hard just right you take as much as you can in
your mouth and then slide off. Now you start licking all around my swollen
head especially underneath. Oh that feels so good. You stop and push me down
to your swollen pussy please fuck me hard now fuck me now. I take my cock
and slide it into your wet wet pussy right to the hilt you gasp a bit and
then get used to having it inside your love tunnel. Slowly in and out I go
for a couple of minutes, your legs wrapped around my hips to ensure I can't
escape. Harder you say fuck me harder so I start to go faster now and slap
my balls against your ass as I plunge as deep as I can into your sex. Oh
this feels so good. More more more you cry and I must accomodate you. I slide a pillow under your head so you can watch my hard cock
slamming into your vagina, you groan approval. I keep driving my love muscle
into your vagina until we both start to explode. I am sure the neighbors
heard your screams.
What do you think ladies would that be the start to a good evening?

stragella 55M/49F

10/12/2005 4:54 am

this sounds like a loverly start to an evening. Would love to know what happens next.

rm_chickenlegs4 63M
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10/12/2005 11:41 pm

After we both have tremendous orgasms I rest on top of you for a few moments and you lightly tickle my back. I get off of you and get us both another glass of wine and we sit against the headboard of the bed and I put my arm around your shoulders and you get very comfy beside me. We tell each how much we have enjoyed ourselves so far.
After we finish our wine I tell you to roll onto your tummy and I start to lightly tickle your back, neck, sides and ass until you have goosebumps all over. Now I start to scratch not too hard up and down your back right up and onto your head, bliss is where you have gone now. Next I find the flavored oil you have brought and start to give you a wonderful massage all over your back neck and ass. I roll you over now and start to lightly tickle so lightly you barely feel my touching your face. I now move down to those lovely breasts and after your nipples start to get erect again I start to scratch all over you. The goosebumps are almost as big as your nipples now.
Down lower I go right to your toes I run my fingers between your toes what a feeling. Up onto the top of your feet and then slowly moving up your legs to your thighs. Ever so lightly passing my fingers over your vagina up and down not entering your love tunnel just barely touching the outer lips. You are obviously enjoying the treatment.
Now I put my middle finger into your pussy up up up to your G-spot again. Flicking my finger hard against that wonderful spot you love to have rubbed. I start to suck on your nipples while I play with your g-spot and then we kiss all the while I have you groaning approval of my fingers handy work.
Anyone like me to write more?

rm_chickenlegs4 63M
5 posts
10/15/2005 2:42 pm

That is a very interesting name. Where did that come from? Did you enjoy the second part of my story? Any ideas that I could write about for you?

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