Male Psyche  

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12/13/2005 12:25 pm

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Male Psyche

I have been married for twenty odd years. My wife has a very low desire for sex and it has made our relationship very difficult. I feel that it is my fault for not being able to get her juices going and she just is not interested in having sex at all. It is very important to men that they feel that they are good lovers or maybe in our minds great.

I had an affair with someone I met on this site about a year ago. It was just one night but what a night for me, she told me she had over 10 orgasms that night. We made love until we were both sore. The good thing for me was I found out that my technique is not lacking and I can be a good or maybe even great lover. She new that I am married and my wife isn't interested in sex and was alright with that.

I am not interested in finding a new life time partner but would love to be able to make love to my wife like I did to my new friend I had an affair with. I know that I sound like a terrible hippocrit but it has been very very frustrating for me and no doubt my wife as well.

I would love to have more affairs like the one I had but would love to make my wife the one in my affairs.

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