My Best Fantasy  

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9/11/2005 11:17 am

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My Best Fantasy

I can't tell you an exact time of day or place or even what's going on around me because I am so destracted by something that I see. I was somewhere doing something that was probably very important. Then I looked over to the left and there she was. The most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She had long hair that came halfway down her back that was many different shades of brown, yellow, and red. It was wavy and the way that it moved with her as she walked, it looked like a bag of reese's pieces following her. I know that's an odd way of describing it but that's my favorite candy. Anyway. She had the ass of a diva, the eyes of an angel (aqua blue), and her skin was a caramel color. She looked at me and smiled. I thought I would be embarassed because I am a female staring at another female and I know I find that odd because up until now, I have ignored my feelings about being bisexual. She walks over to me and asks if any thing is wrong. I tell her no and ask why. She told me that my face was turning red. I was blushing from being caught staring at her so apparently I was embarrased a little. I told her why my face turned red and that I thought she was very beautiful. Then she in reply told me that she had seen me before and that she likes the way I look as well. We exchanged phone numbers and said we would hook up and go to dinner to talk and become friends. We went out several times to dinner and shopping and after the first two times, I found myself fantasizing about how I would love to lay her on a bed and lick her pussy and play with her clit, nipples, mouth, neck, and ears. After the fifth time we went out, I was aching to fill her hand on my pussy. She picked me up for our sixth outing to dinner and we decided to go to see a movie afterward. She was wearing a blue skirt made of a thin silky type material that went at an angle from her mid right thigh to her calf on the left leg, a skimpy top that showed off her midriff and cleavage, and heels that were fit for a stripper. Very, very, (add 50 very's right here so you know how much I mean this) HOT and SEXY!!!!! I am a bit thicker than her so I wouldn't wear anything so daring as that but I had on a short skirt and a nice tank top and a pair of heels that I know looked good on me. As we at dinner, I watched the way that she licked her fork, sipped from her straw and wiped at her mouth with her napkin. By the time we had ordered dessert, my panties were soaked. We got to the theatre and picked an older movie that neither of us had seen yet so that the theatre would be basically empty. There we were sitting and watching the movie and there was a loud explosion on screen that scared both of us. We both jumped and she reached out and grabbed my arm. She quickly pulled her arm back and we were laughing as she apologized and asked if she hurt me. I told her that it was okay. She reached over and hugged me and told me I was a good friend. I hugged her back and when I went to let go she didn't. She started rubbing my back, telling me that she loved spending time with me. I told her that I liked spending time with her too. She then rubbed her hand up to my neck and started playing with my hair. I freaked and asked her what she was doing. She told me that we needed to talk. I told her go ahead. She told me that she had a crush on me and that there were things that she never imagined she would want to do with another woman. I told her that I felt the same way. We kissed each other on the cheek and neck. Then finally we started making out in the middle of the theatre. I rubbed her exposed leg while she massaged my breast. We decided to ditch the rest of the movie and go over to her place. When we got there, we sat in her living room on the couch and started kissing again. As we kissed we explored each others body even more. I took off her shirt and leaned her back. She had the firmest breast and the most gorgeous nipples I had ever seen. I rubbed her nipples between my fingers then bent to lick them. She gasped and I sucked them. She started playing with my hair and then suddenly she told me to suck harder. I loved that. I wanted to be more comfortable so I asked if we could move to her bedroom. She lead me upstairs to her room.....

four11_lovinit 56F

10/4/2005 5:42 pm

this is very good and I'm anxious to read the ending. How soon would I be able to find out what they eventually do to each other.

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