Hyper -Sensitive Posters  

rm_chefmhf 52M
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8/10/2005 3:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hyper -Sensitive Posters

I have posted a few comments to advice threads in the last few days and WOW, what an eye-opener. I am amazed at the level of anger that some people (I have only had this problem with women) display and vent in these threads. It seems that some people spend their time scanning the threads waiting to pounce. These people typically have in excess of 200 points, so it seems this is a primary focus of their attention.

I commented in one thread referring to the "Catholic" rhythm of birth control. I was assaulted because I didn't know the poster and her partner were atheists!!!!!! Then she attacked me because I suggested she have her partner keep his "coat on," like that was the most insulting thing she has ever heard.

This is supposed to be a fun site. When did everything become so serious. If these people have been hurt that badly, perhaps they should deal with their issues in ways that will not allow them to be visited upon the rest of us.

Just a thought....

See ya

rm_mamaneeds_ 60F

8/11/2005 5:28 am


welcome to the wonderful world of online socialization where you will be exposed to just about every manner of behaviour and personality imaginable. but be realistic dear, due to the nature of this site (with the lowest common denominator being sex), you will get a glimpse at people who, under normal circumstances, you would never come into contact with. unfortunately, the majority are going to be rather unimaginative people with a very narrow range of personal experience. and it most definitely is reflected in that particular forum.

while my own responses run the gamat in that forum, i do try to inject my own form of humor as often as possible. the problem with that is, well, let's face it, it's usually gonna be at someone's else's expense. oh well...some opportunities are simply too tempting to pass up.

with other's, such as your querie about poorly written profiles, it was presented with generalizations that i feel warrant some comment on as i see that as a major problem when people are interacting.

and on a few occassions when responding to some blogs that peaked my interest, i find myself rather sucked into it and just going on and on. then i stop and try to remind myself why they put bells on cows. one can be rather seduced sometimes (though i certainly would prefer another type of seduction)!

remember, you will see everything from soccer moms to mensa members to truck drivers to lawyers (oh my). but the more diverse the mix, the more amusing it will be. so i hope you'll continue! mamaneeds a few laughs once in awhile.


all4molars 50F

9/30/2005 2:21 am

Posting a comment to a "blog"...humm, this is a first for me. I found your profile to be intriguing. That led me to explore further. During my exploration I continued to be fascinated by all that i read. Interesting mind you have. I say this just out of...well...exactly for what I said. If ever you get too terribly bored with your current vocation, you'd make a damn good author. Excuse the language.

As you can tell I turned my profile off. We have similarities in mindset. if you would like to talk, by all means, the conversation wud certainly not be boring.

If not, for whatever reason, have faith in knowing that there IS someone that's meant to be for you.

Kindest regards

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