my first time......BLOG  

rm_cheeky71977 39F
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6/24/2006 9:32 am
my first time......BLOG

well hello there!
I have had fun reading some blogs here, and thought i would take the plunj and do my own.
well the reason i have decided to tonight, is as im extremely horny, and need to release...and seeing i hvae no partner at present to assist well then i will type out my frustrations....
well can i share a fantasy with you all? this may be nice and may not, i really dont know....but here goes..I have never had a lesbian experience, and can i tell you im very very very curious...
while alone, hot and horny, when my fingers wrap themselves around the vibe and put the pressure between my thighs rubbing it slightly up and down my wet throbing pussy i picture one of my ultimate fantasies....and it goes like this....
the office one, i have walked into an interview and there is a man older, and a female older as well. I am wearing my tight oencil skirt and white shirt unbuttoned enough to reveal a little of my perky round breasts, i notice the old man is talking to my breasts and i am slighlty excited, so i shift a little, the woman notices this and comments on it, she then tells me that a pre-requisite of the job is that i need to make him cum in my mouth, as no other candidate has yet, i agree to take on the challenge, feeling my pussy is getting wet at the thought. He takes a seat on the leather couch as i go to kneel infront of him she grabs me by my arm and says..not so fast, we must make him hard first. she pulls me up to her nice and close and kisses my lips hard and long...hmmmm she tastes great...she lowers her head to my breasts, one hand grabbing one of them hard and the other moving over my ass feeling it....she sucks on my breast through my shirt running her tongue around the nipple. I moan with the excitement of whats to come...literally...ohh i juts want her to rip my clothes off and suck and lick all of my g oing weak at the knees as she rubs my thigh under my skirt now...raising it to my waist to show my black g-string...i hear the old man moan, as i look over he has began to rub his cock...i love making a man go hard....i place both my hand under her skirt inside her panties, and she gasps as i slide my finger from her wet pussy to her ass back and forth slowly and softly...her kiss tells me everything as she pushes her tongue into my mouth, she pulls my g'string up high pushing it into my pussy ohhhhh...we lower ourselves onto the floor she rips my shirt open and puts my breast into her mouth sucking on my nipple....i lay on my back, pulling her towards me, she is peeling her clothing off telling me how much i am going to enjoy sucking her boss cock while she licks my pussy and fingers my ass....if thats not enoough for me to take her right then and t i make her ly on her back and start to suck her large breasts, hmmm running finger fucking her at the same time, she rocks her hips intmo my hand....this is clearly too much for the old man, as he is now kneeling next to us with his cock in his hands, ohh decisions what do i do now...i love cock, especially big hard ones, but this pussy is just too good to miss out on right now, so i give him a nice long lick and suck , slowly pulling him out of my mouth i move down her body now to her wet pussy, and start to run my tongue around her clit, her hands on my head pushing my into her further, i feel the old man approach me from behind...he starts to lick my ass and then my im licking and fingering her pussy , and he is licking my pussy i hear her start to moan louder...she is about to come in mouth, she asks me to eat her pussy like no one else has, and i do, im loving her taste of her juices, and as she gasps for air, s he wets my face with her cum....i now get up and turn t o sit on her face, bending towards t he old man, and take his cock in my out while she eats my wet he is fuckking my mouth in and out, i dont think i can hold on long at all, i never realised that sooo much pleasure can be bought to me by a women eating my cunt and while i suck on a mans cock, im loving eating him, and he is too, i can feel it harder and harder, i lick his balls and he is about to explode, in my mouth, as he does i now explode on her face..this is the est orgasm ive had so far, ohhh lick my pussy dry...

rm_WellHung1877 39M
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6/24/2006 11:06 am

mmmmm you paint a pretty picture wish i could have been there.
if you want to write to me directly let me know if not ill be looking out for your next story.

lust and kisses

CombeKyrieApeak 56M
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6/24/2006 11:49 am

2 chicks and oral... sounds yummy!

mrhornydevil18 39M
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1/27/2007 9:25 pm

awesome fantasy, had a hard cock just reading it

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