Wacky Neighbors  

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8/28/2005 9:03 pm

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Wacky Neighbors

Wacky Neighbors

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you sexually? For me, it would have to be an experience I had during a threesome with my neighbor and his wife. If you have read any of my previous stuff you probably remember N. She is a total hottie and lives next door to me. Her husband and I have always been friendly but when he invited me over his house last night and I saw N prancing around in a nightie, I knew that our friendship was about to be extended. We had a few drinks and it wasn’t long before N and T started touching each other sensually in front of me.

“Well, it’s getting late. I better head home.” I blurted out while watching N stroking T’s crotch.

T said, “Well, actually, Kyle I was hoping that you would help me with something…”

I instantly got butterflies. “Whatcha need, T?”

“N has a fantasy about being with two men. She trusts you and since she does, so do I. Do you think you’re up to helping us out?”

“Uh.” Sometimes I am not a man of many words.

N sensed my nervousness and strolled up close to me. She flung her arms on top of my shoulders and whispered, “C’mon, baby. You know that I have wanted to ride you. Do you think you can make me cum while T watches?” As her arms slid down off of my shoulders, she tweaked my nipple and winked at me.

She walked back over to T and they began to undress right there in the living room. It felt like déjà vu watching N suck on T’s cock. She is so attentive to detail and totally gets off sucking on it. She worked her honey pot with her fingers while T kept a firm grip on her hair as his stiff dick sloshed in and out of her wet, hot mouth.

He motioned for me to come over by them and I did so while sliding down my swim suit. Through the corner of her eye, N saw that I was naked and stopped sucking T. He smiled at her and then turned to go sit on the couch. It was on. N approached me cautiously, as if she was afraid that I would spook. She kissed me deeply and sensuously. She brought her hands up to my face and I caught a whiff of her nectar. I began to suck her fingers and feel her firm breasts and she responded with deep sighs and flicks of her tongue on my neck. I slowly began to touch her muff and sucked one of her breasts deeply while slightly chewing on the nipple. She reached down on me and grasped my cock and began stroking it. Pre-cum was oozing out of the head and she used it to lube the head of my throbbing cock. She eased down and planted a soft kiss on the shaft and lay down on the carpet. I followed her motion toward the carpet our eyes locked on to one another’s. I didn’t even notice T jerking his cock to me and his wife’s sexy episode.

She brought her knees up far enough so that I can hook my arms under them. I lifted her ass off the floor and slid her closer to me and the head of my cock bumped into her wet nest. She gasped and before she took another breath I slid my cock half way into her pussy. Her toes curled and she shuddered as I began to work the length of my rigid cock slowly in and out of her. She dug her nails in my back and moaned lustfully with each slow but firm thrust. I put one of her legs up on my shoulder as I continued the slow, deliberate rhythm. Her moaning began to increase in volume and in reaction to her lusty howls I started to pump my cock with more speed and depth. I found myself moaning in response to her and when she started to come I drilled my pole deep inside of her and held it there while pinching her nipples. She came hard for what seemed like minutes. It was beautiful sweet sex.

As she settled down I noticed that T was about to cum. Without notice N hurried over to him on her hands and knees and started telling him how big my cock was and that she wanted to have me fuck her in the ass while he watched. It was more than he could handle and he shot his ropy load all over the floor. She then turned and crawled over to me. I was still on my knees and my cock was glistening with her juice.

“What do you say Kyle?” she said and then gripped my cock. She began spanking her face with it, like she does to T. My cock jumped and twitched and swelled. “Do you want to fuck me in my ass?” She turned around, while still on her hands and knees and offered up her ass for me to have. I couldn’t help but lick her sweet pussy and ass while it was up in the air like that. I eased in behind her and began to push against her hot pussy. She put her face on the carpet, reached back and spread herself wide open. My cock then slid into her pussy without any problems. I gave her a firm spank on the ass as I sawed in and out of her steamy cunt. She howled and gasped as I worked her pussy over. She begged me to fuck her ass. I withdrew my tool form her honey hole and aimed the head at her rosebud. My cock was so slick with her spunk that the head popped right inside. N yelped. My breathing and moaning intensified as I was able to work more and more inches of cock into her tight asshole. “That’s it, Kyle; fuck my ass! Fuck it! Hurt me with your big cock!” I rubbed her mound and flicked her clit as I continued to impale her with my meat. She spilled over the edge and began to cum with animal abandon. Her ass pulled and milked my cock and it became too much to bear. I began to tremble as my orgasm grew near. I stiffened up as I began to shoot loads of cum into her ass. N came again when I was cumming. We collapsed on the floor in a heap and after a minute of recovery breathing, we were kissing and massaging each other’s sweaty bodies.

Then things got weird. T acted all pissed off and ordered me out of the house. He started calling N a whore and demanded that she not speak to me anymore. I am not sure if this was a part of the game, or he just didn’t realize that watching his wife get fucked, really good, got the best of him. I’ll let you all know how things turn out

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