The games!  

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1/14/2006 8:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The games!

As all of us read on other peoples profiles; even put on our own profiles I have come to the point that I am tired of seeing it!
You know what I'm talking about."The Games"
Your tired of it,(Grrreat!)Like no one ever sees them coming right. If you are looking for love on your computer screen you need to look in the mirror and figure out why you don't love your self. I apologize if this offends any one; the ones it dose offend need to pay attention because this applies to you more than most!
I had been an over affectionate whore the majority of my younger life. I would date entire circles of friends at the same time & these girls would turn on each other before they would put me to blame! they would lie to their best friends over a cock. Secretly fucking me every chance they could then cloak it to the friends that had been their through thick & thin (this was sick of me i know)... Never the less, to get to my point and the moral of the story; when the secret would finally slip between them (believe me it would take a while) they would come to me pissed that I was playing games. Funny, these girls new I was seeing other people all along, but got their own impression that they were something special & I was going to turn around one day and "PROFESS MY LOVE!".
It amazes me that women read so much in to the people they sleep with that they set themselves up, they can't be honest with them selves, there for they can't have a truly honest relationship with anyone! friends, family, & lovers included.
Don't think I am just women bashing because men
(Stop nodding your head like you agree) you to are supercilious in the same fashion, hitherto on the special occasion when a man OUT RIGHT LIES to get a piece of ass; you will soon learn where it will get you... Alone, no one that really cares for you, no one to share your experience, your life. Just the occasional empty sex. But if karma loves you...
You to are going to fall head over heals in love with the seemingly perfect woman. A women you truly believe you could be with forever.
Then she will eventually unveil a classic line like I just don't think were meant for each other, or the ever more painful, I think we need to start seeing other people your getting to EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED.

Look all i am saying is be honest with everyone. don't lie to them about your intent. Be honest with your self. If you want sex and thats it look for that. don't settle on a great mate that wants to be loved, Its just fucking evil!

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