She Said That I Tasted Good  

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1/10/2006 11:45 pm

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5/15/2006 6:30 pm

She Said That I Tasted Good

She was a Cancer and a petite red head. She sucked me and fucked me all night long. I thought I was going to crawl under the bed to keep from being sucked dry. I lost count, but it was over five times that I was sucked and fucked on that memorable night. Never again have I ever been fucked and sucked so very much. It would really be great to try this again. It feels so good.

She said that I tasted good. Do you want to taste me? My popsickle is as long as six inches and nice and round. It's not too much and it's just right for your wet and warm mouth.

I would like for an Aries, a Scorpio a Libra, a Taurus, an Aquarius, a Capricorn or a Virgo to try this. I really like these women.

Aries and Libra women really like me a lot and I like them, too. Come to think of it, all the cardinal signs get off on me.

An Aries babe ate a peppermint before she sucked me. She got me off so fast, it was like a rocket. I am told that Altoids do real well, too.

The next best thing that ever happened was a Scorpio woman. She sucked me gently and made it feel so good. I warned her when I was about to cum and she came off long enough to say -- I want you to ~~ and she kept sucking me. It was so good.

I love 69 and I love to make a woman groan with passion. I also like to be sucked with a passion. I know exactly what you want and I love giving it to you. It's like an artistic thing to me.

All of my women have been sexual and good looking. I like rubbing oil and giving a good back rub or a leg rub or even your feet.

Give me your body. I know what to do with it.

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