should i or shouldent i???  

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6/19/2006 8:16 pm

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should i or shouldent i???

well the ex will be coming to town to pick up our son & bring over some stuff that he & the girlfriend don't have room for now that they're in an apartment. - swing set, electric 4 wheeler, outside toys.
when he came to town for court a few months ago, i hadn't seen him in 10 yrs, but it only took a few hours before we were shoulder to shoulder & thigh to thigh in the courtroom. almost had a quickie standing up on the back porch, but there were too many kids around. the next time everybody was at school, & oh boy!! i'll copy a post from another site about THAT one!
but now he & the girlfriend are back together, & im not sure i want to go there. but like he says "if i see a $50. laying in the street i'm not going to step over it!" & it's SO DAMN GOOD!!!! i'll let you know thursday!

btw- the girlfriend is the one he left me for- a bisexual topless dancer that used to bring girls home to share.i've met her- she's hot! (at least it wasn't a "girl next door type) & she knows things happened last time, so its not like it would be a surprise if it did happen again.


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