i'm back, i think......  

rm_chanda69 47F
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9/5/2006 8:19 pm

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i'm back, i think......

at least for now. things have been incredibly crazy in my life. i just wanted to stop in & say hi, quick updates- in the last 2 weeks i have been dealing with football, cheerleading, school shopping, school physicals & first day, plus the everyday lost shoes, milk shortage & hair issues. i went for a full month without shaving anything, OK? so i didnt have time to be here much. then someone i had spoken to on the phone a few times got ill because i was scarce, so i just stayed off.
plus, i had found an ideal "FWB" a coworkers cousin that lived far enough away to make it infeasable to visit on weekdays, neither of us a match to the other for a life partner type relationship, but DAMN the chemistry!!! we spent a couple of weeks texting during the day, & on the phone in the evening about 2X a week. (just enough) then on the weekends he would catch a ride over with an uncle of his that lives near me, we would party & fuck like animals!
saturday the 26th, when i met him at the store, he was already drunk-unusual- & got very drunk very fast- more unusual- i got him to my place about midnight, he ate, then fell asleep. he woke me up about 2:30 snoring like all hells, so i got up & went to the couch.
when i got up about 7:30, i went in to check on him, & he was dead. no shit. he had rolled onto his stomach, vomited & aspirated the fluid into his lungs in his sleep. that day was spent wandering around with his family at their place, lost, in shock, going from hysteria to silent disbelief. i was in south florida for the funeral from thursday night til sunday.
now im here, but not. i'm still pretty numb. its been hard to get on here because that night i was on here checking a few messages & blogs while he slept.(snoring loudly on his side)
but ive had a few messages from concerned friends here, & i want you to know- i got them all, & even if i didnt respond yet- THANK YOU!!! it really helped
& an extra HUGE {{{{{HUGS&KISSES}}}}} to spunky11961


CreatingBeauty 54F

9/6/2006 11:01 am

Though I do not know you, please let me give you my heartfelt condolences. That is so sad to read about. You will be in my prayers.

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goodatpoetry2 67M
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9/6/2006 11:13 am

How horrible. I'm so sorry.
Life sure is full of surprises. Some, not so nice.

Sweetpickles69 47F

9/6/2006 2:19 pm

My Deepest Sympathies!!!



kyplowboy22 61M

9/6/2006 2:49 pm

Not your fault kid, only he is blame for it. If it had not of happened there it would have happened somewhere else. I have lost several friends to drink and it's always sad, but they are the ones that chose to drink that much. Let it go and move off from it.


IAmRubytuesday 55F
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9/6/2006 2:56 pm

Oh shit. xxx

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lovemetouchme5 51F
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9/6/2006 3:13 pm

People make their own decisions in their lives. Sometimes they make the right ones, sometimes they make the bad ones. Regardless, it seems like it's the friends and families that feel like they have to suffer the consequences of their actions. But you DON'T have too!


ShyWhisper2006 53F
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9/6/2006 3:37 pm


Flloyd 46M/42F

9/6/2006 3:43 pm

We have missed you. Sorry to hear this news.Hope peace finds you.

sexyariesgirl 57F

9/6/2006 4:17 pm

I came here from Spunky's blog...I am so sorry to hear about this. Such a tragedy....

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countryheart_71 45F
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9/6/2006 5:46 pm

No matter how hard it seems now, it will get easier as each day passes. I know it's easier said. You obviously have alot of great friends here that truly care for you. I am truly sorry for your loss and I hope that time will eventually heal your wounds. Heartfelt sympathies and hugs!


woofff 41F

9/7/2006 7:50 am

I read Jeff's blog...I'm here and I am sad about this...you were not to blame...so sorry. Care for a cyber hug?

Hope you're well.

bustybettyboop 50F  
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9/7/2006 7:51 am

i'm sooo sorry chanda!!! special hugz for you!! busty

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EvilEvilKitten1 62F

9/7/2006 8:11 am

Wow! Tough break! Condolences!!!!


PeensChubsTabby 55M
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9/7/2006 9:18 am

Hey Chanda,

Damit to hell. Is there anything I could do to help? Thats a tough one. Only time will help I guess. Very sorry. Hang on.


JuicyBBW1001 54F

9/7/2006 4:01 pm

Sorry to hear what happened ((Huggs)))


rm_Jezdatip 64F
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9/8/2006 12:18 am

Its sad that you found him only to lose him so suddendly. Finding closure is not easy, but the healing will come. Cherish the memories of his smile and the way he made you feel.

thatworksforme 50M

9/8/2006 1:45 pm

The risks we take are the tallyed wth a price.
had he been thinking coherently he would have known to stop.
It cant be held upon you to guide all.
people make decisions based on a complex variable scale, apparently he lost his.
It is tradgic and i feel the loss was great, But you MUST understand that in any moment things change and life takes another path instantly.
Don't Loose sight of your path,And consider social drinkers above intoxicators,You will find that alchohol is not always a exciter but most likley a downer... Stay in it for the memory of the pleasure,Not to confuse the experience with muddled memory.
I hope You Can Get Your Life back on a happy track.
I hope what i posted in some way helps you to progress forward.
And Again It is an awful tradgedy,And Dont feel the wieght as your responsibility... He was intoxicated when he arrived, you probably could not have changed a thing in the end.

msharleygurl 42F

9/9/2006 4:05 pm

I found your blog from spunky's and I am so sorry for your loss. If there is something I can do from blogville, please let me know.

cob96 42M

9/10/2006 2:45 am

dang thats a hard thing to deal with i'm sure i hope you are able to get back to normal, you can im me on yahoo at cobrrrra96 anytime to talk if you need too i work days but am usually on after 11 pm and i do live in asheville area

pretty_blue_eyes 38F
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9/10/2006 7:55 am

I am so sorry to hear that! I hope you are getting things slowly back in order. I'm sure that had thrown a huge hiccup in your already hectic schedule. *hugs* If you would like to chat, feel free to email me. I'm sorry....

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