how does your past affect your love life?or should i say fuck life?  

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8/3/2006 7:45 pm

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how does your past affect your love life?or should i say fuck life?

i had a phone conversation with a friend today. we were talking about some of the crazy things people do- like my ex. & i got to thinking later, about the abuse Ive lived with in the past, & how it has affected the person i am now. I'm wondering does that have any bearing on my sexual preferences now, & i just don't see it?

Ive never been into pain, in & of itself, & not into the humiliation thing, but i do like to be submissive. (which in a way is kinda weird, since in my daily life, if you don't sign my paycheck, don't try to tell me what to do) Ive had partners in the past that used sex as a weapon to control me (one that would grudge fuck me starting when i was asleep & woke me up that way) but i really feel that i am over that bullshit- at least as much as i ever will be.

also- any opinions on the restraint in the pic?
so does it mean anything that i want to have my arms held above my head & fucked hard & deep; or that i like to have the back of my neck bitten(rather hard too). having a man tell me I'm not allowed to move, make noise, stay in this position, etc is a huge turn on for me.

timberwolf6972 did a post today that pretty much summed it up- except for the nipple torture- i like my rings, & don't want them stretched- I'm getting new titties next year & i want to keep them nipples unstreached.

i just want a borderline violent fuck from someone i can trust to stop if he goes somewhere i don't want to go.

so is there anyone else out there that has had a history of abuse, weather from a parent, sibling or spouse that still finds the intense hair pulling ass slapping diggin in growling & screaming fuck monster sessions their preferred (or even occasionally acceptable) mode of play? how do you think the past has influenced your love style today? positively or negatively?


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