did anybody miss me???  

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6/2/2006 10:33 pm

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did anybody miss me???

well I'm sort of back. i'm almost done moving, just a few loose ends at the old house & unpacking at the new. the knee is still here, but whichever side that was only possibly torn before, is definitely done now. i have a bowl of rice crispies in its place.
but i love my new room! it has such potential!! when i get it put together maybe ill put a pic or 2 on here. i'm storyless for now, but surgery is in 2 weeks & i will be immobile for at least a few days. of course my idea of immobile is only getting up to get kids to school (& cooking, refereeing,laundering & all that fun shit! too bad i cant wait a few more weeks- the kids will be gone with family.

then again, when the mice are away, the cat has time to hunt for new prey........

SNUGGLES to all who missed me!!
fierce submission to OX


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