an afternoon .... nap?  

rm_chanda69 47F
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6/10/2006 10:30 pm

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3/9/2011 8:55 pm

an afternoon .... nap?

sitting at my computer one afternoon, kids at school, nowhere to be for a few hours, i was here getting all hot & bothered. so i decided to indulge myself a bit....

i got out "the toy box" stripped naked- something i rarely have time to be during the day lately- & fell onto the bed wiggling in anticipation. i happened to land crossways, my head near the side, & when i rolled to my back, my head fell back over the side. of course, my first thought was this would be a good place for a stick up....

i spread my legs wide, stretching slowly as i went, relaxing, then tensing the musels. i ran my hands over my body, imagining them to be someone elses....

i rolled my nipples between my fingers gently, teasing, pulling slowly on the rings, kneading the soft flesh. i ran my hands down my belly, to the top of my thighs, pulling them apart as far as i could. i imagined His hands, gentle but firm, uncompromising, but not cruel, spreading my lips, toying with the ring there. by now i am throbbing, trying not to move or cry out, to beg Him to take me. He stands, goes around to my feet & says "dont want you having to worry about these. you'll have other things to do." as He pulls some velcro straps from under the bed, securing my ankles far apart. not enough to be painful, but leaving me no wiggle room. He slowly walks back to the other side of the bed, "how about an appetiser" as He releases His rigid cock into His hand. He stands just above my head, so i have to hang it backwards off the bed to see Him. He slowly allows me to taste, lick & suck every inch. i am so lost in the sensations in my mouth & between my legs that i dont even realize Hes put on a pair of surgical gloves until He drops another pair on my belly, & puts a bottle of edible lube next to them. before i can respond, His hands begin to explore every inch of my pussy, probing, thrusting,digging deeper until i am panting, squealing & moaning for release!

He steps away to give me a moment to compose myself & put on the gloves, then returns His cock to my mouth & i am stroking the shaft behind my mouth with one hand, the other caressing His balls, the lube dripping from them. as He slides His cock deeper & deeper into my mouth, i slide one hand around to His ass, gently probing, stroking, massaging, until He is ready, then i slide in one finger, pressing gently into that sweet spot & holding it.

His hands are all over me, one tweaking the nipple, the other slowly working fingers into my pussy. i am at His mercy, restrained by the feet, His cock holding my face,
with 2... 3... now 4 fingers inside of my swollen flesh. as i gently massage His now slippery ass, He begins to make His way to my throat, sliding His cock deeper & deeper until His balls are on my nose. He draws back enough to let me breathe, then as He plunges back in, His hand begins to pump furiously into me, my hips bucking up to meet Him. i begin to heave & moan around the cock in my throat as i come, gushing twitching writhing screaming thrashing heat. He pulls back & strokes His cock a few times before aiming it at my twitching pussy & shoots His hot load all over it. unable to stop myself, i rub it in, sweet, hot, sticky.... & suddenly i am coming again violently, bucking against my restraints.

when i am finally aware again of my surroundings, i realize He has cleaned Himself up (& wiped me off) & i am covered with a sheet. He is across the room, watching me.

"well your performance was pretty good, except for one detail. did I give you permission for that last one? thats something we will have to deal with later."

what will He do as a punishment??


uniqueenergy42 69M
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6/11/2006 12:30 am

That was a great story, it gave me a raging hard on. Now I'm giong to have to do something about it. Keep on writing I'd like to know the punishment.

Flloyd 46M/42F

6/11/2006 6:49 am

I can think of a few good punishments...

rm_rymee234 36M

6/12/2006 6:55 am

I would punish you by tying you to the bed by your hands and feet, completely naked, legs spread open, for no less than 6 hours. First, I would begin by sucking and biting your nipples until they bleed. Then work my mouth down below the waistline to lick you raw. Next, I'd go through each and every piece in your beloved toy box, making sure to remind you of what they all feel like. I'd roughly fuck you with every toy you've got so when I get done your pussy's all red and swollen. At the end, I'd stradle your chest area as I force you to watch me masterbate right on top of you, shooting a warm and gooey mess in your eyes, nose and mouth. The leave you laying there as it dries to a flaky crust.

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