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6/14/2005 9:53 am

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I don't understand this site.
Obviously if you're joining this site you're looking for an adult relationship, either for something serious or sexual. The point is, it's seems very few people actually use this site.
Maybe it's my age. Maybe it's where I live.
But even when I find someone who's all green on the mutual match board and I contact them with ways to reach back, I barely even get a response.

Now I understand some people may not to pursue something with me, but I've only encountered two people so far that have contacted me back out of the nearly 50 I've initially written to. What gets to me is very few people have the common courtesy to at least get back and say they're not interested. It's not going to hurt my feelings. After all, this is an adult site and I am an adult, but some people on here just like children and won't say a word. Are you shy? Are you interested? Did I forget to tell you something that you need to know? I'm not a mind-reader!

I understand alot of the people I contact are standard members, but I do leave means of contacting me in other ways. I almost always send pictures so people know I'm for real, and I try to tell them everything in the first message that I think I can tell them based on their profile. Sometimes this is hard because some people only have one sentence describing themselves or what they want.

Like I it my age? I am only 20 and to many they stereotype me as the "inexperienced, young sex addict." Even if I find someone near my age, they're sometimes looking for the "older, more mature man."
I may be young, but I've always been a gentleman, and that alone has made me more mature than most men at any age. A real man treats a woman with respect.

Is it my location?
It seems the hot spots of activity in texas on this site are in the Dallas and Austin area, and others in San Antonia and Houston. I am in central texas. It's never been a hub for decent sexual activity, and most of the groups I have seen for central texas are major sausage fests. It's a shame they're not gay or bisexual. It would be a banquet down here. Even so, I have found all green mutual matches and still no contact.

If you're out there and reading this, no matter who you are, please, PLEASE, if someone contacts you and you have the means to get back to them, do so! Even if you're not interested. How long does it take to write an email to tell someone "Thanks, but I'm not interested."
What, like a minute? Are you so busy that you can't spare a single minute? If you spare it, will it totally ruin your plans for the day and ruin your schedule? I seriously doubt it.

So be kind, rewind..err, I mean, reply!
Whether you're interested or not, I'm sure the member contacting you will appreciate you for at least responding. It's just common courtesy and decency. Do unto others and all that jazz.

That's my rant for the time being, and I doubt the last.

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