The Great Outdoors meets National Lampoon's Vacation  

rm_cele2flowers 42F
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8/10/2005 2:50 pm

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The Great Outdoors meets National Lampoon's Vacation

I'd been dreading the 10 hour drive north to Park Rapids, MN. Not because I'd be spending a week with my parents, but because I would be going with my 5 year old neice. She's an only child and requires constant attention and entertainment. I was afraid this would be the drive from hell. It turns out that she rode very well, sleeping most of the way. I had the drive broken up since I was leaving later in the day, so we stayed in the Twin Cities. I got a couple of warnings that she wouldn't sleep worth a damn for me that night, it turns out that after squirming, tossing, turning and just moving around she finally drifted off around midnight. I was the good/bad aunt. I brought a couple of movies for her to watch on the laptop and let her stay up 2 or 3 hours past her usual bedtime. The next day was fairly smooth. We made a few stops and eventually the “how much farther?” and “are we there yet?” questions began. I must say there's nothing like driving along with the radio on and occasionally looking back at her to catch her singing along to the same song Tom Cruise was dancing around to in his undies and white shirt with socks and sunglasses 20 years ago. Then a couple of hours later catch her singing along to Cold Play.

She's taught me a few things that I didn't know. For instance, did you know that a fire on a beach is called a bombfire? I also didn't know that you could get anything you want from grandma by pretending to start crying. It's amazing what that woman will buy for the same silence I get when I stare that little girl down and say “no.”

She got to swim almost everyday. I even went swimming with her a few times. I really miss having a jet ski to run around the lake on though. I think I would've been satisfied just having a boat and a lover to escape with, go park out in the middle of the lake in the middle of the afternoon and play around on the floor of the boat. A rocking boat that looks like no one's in it wouldn't be too suspicious....would it??? Then afterwards, jump overboard and swim around in the nice cool and clean water.

I think a resort should be made up there somewhere just for this kind of thing. Have boats to rent, nude sunbathing, nude volleyball, and just an orgy going all week long every week of the summer. Might have to be careful about nude fishing though. Hooks–OUCH! There are plenty of private lakes around there, it couldn't be that difficult to open a resort on lake front property, right? If nothing else, you wouldn't have to pack a lot!

All in all, it was a fairly relaxing trip, though now I feel like I need to take another vacation just to relax from being around the family for so long!

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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8/10/2005 3:35 pm

LOL... vacations from vacations!!! What a concept!!! Can you see me going to my bosses and explaining, "Well, okay that was nice, but I think I need another one for recovery purposes!" ???? lol...

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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8/10/2005 3:50 pm

"I think a resort should be made up there somewhere just for this kind of thing."

There is, only you can't drive there... Club Hedo in Negril, Jamaica.

Then there's this...

"Join us for this great camp out in beautiful [someplace in Upstate New York] on Saturday, August 20th. This is an on premise house party. During the day, we will host fun adult activities. There is a house on the property in case of rain. In the evening, we will have a bon fire"

rm_cele2flowers 42F
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8/10/2005 6:40 pm

Gee, if only I lived closer to New York. Now I've got 2 or 3 reasons I ought to be going out there.
Anyone wanna donate to my roadtrip fund?

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