Humor in Travelling  

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7/21/2005 8:19 pm

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Humor in Travelling

I just got home today from a 3 1/2 day vacation. I probably would've announced this in a post before leaving, but really didn't think it'd be necessary since my posting in this blog is rather sporadic anyway.

Anyway, I spent my first day and evening in Springfield, Illinois. I'm going to go off on a small tangent and say that when I pack, I usually include a sweatshirt and jeans, just in case it'd actually get cold out. I ALMOST packed my rain coat, but since I haven't seen any rain here in Iowa for about a month or so now (I've actually seen a few trees wilting!) I figured I wouldn't be seeing rain anywhere else. Wouldn't you know it, as I get within a few miles of Springfield it just starts to pour. I mean cats and dogs were falling from the sky and you woulda thought you were driving on the rock the cow was peeing on. I usually don't mind walking in the rain, but I was expecting to be in an air conditioned building for a while. Me with soaking clothes and a/c just don't mix well! I managed and just covered myself with my sweatshirt and made my way to where I was going.

The next day I drove on to Indianapolis. I have to say that I love that city. It's not too big, it's not too small and I know how to get where I wanna go without looking at a map! As I drove to my hotel I started giggling the moment I saw the building next door to it. Classy Chassy Go Go. Then I thought to myself "Damn! I wish I was travelling with a guy right now! I could go in and enjoy it!" Nevertheless, I did not get to enjoy the fine scenery and atmosphere that I'm sure the Classy Chassy would have offered. I get checked in at the hotel, get pulled around and unload the car. I get to the room I've been given and hear a TV, but then figure that either it's the room next door or someone just "happened" to forget to turn the TV off in the room. I'll admit, I hesitated a moment, then just put the card in the door to unlock it and opened it up. There I saw a pair of black biker style boots standing at the end of the bed with a couple of empty beer bottles standing next to the boots. Then I looked up to see this slightly surprised, but curious half dressed guy with a slice of pizza in one hand and bottle of beer in the other. If the room didn't smell like beer/alcohol and he had cleaned up a bit, I mighta stood there and made polite conversation or just invited myself in (yeah, right). Instead, I said, "Oh! I'm sorry!" and got a "That's okay!" response before shutting the door behind me and walking back to the front desk giggling/laughing the whole way. I think the girl at the desk was more embaressed than he or I were. Apparently the girl that worked the shift ahead had conveniently forgotten to "mark it off the list." Funnily, she decided to assign me to the room next door to the one she'd given me the first time. I probably would've tried to talk to the guy again, but travelling by myself and talking to, don't think so, unfortunately.

After that, I went in search of a Wal Mart/Target for a couple of things that I'd wished I had with me, like batteries (yeah, I wished I'd brought a toy or two with me too). Right by the Wally World was a Borders, and I love bookstores, so I went in. My favorite section of every bookstore is the psychology/self help/sex section and went straight to it as soon I went inside. I was just hoping to see one I hadn't seen before, no luck. I started at the psychology part because I saw a woman standing in front of all the sex books and thought I'd just let her have her privacy, but she was still there by the time I'd made my way there. After trying to politely dance around her while looking at the titles, I finally asked her if she was looking for something in particular. This woman is 50something. She said that she thought she and her husband were getting bored in the bedroom and was just looking for something to make things a little more interesting. I could think of a LOT of things that could make things more interesting in there. I had to recommend my 2 favorite authors, Barbara Keesling and Lou Paget. If nothing else, it'd improve their technique and maybe make him multi-orgasmic! I probably would've gotten further into it with the lady, but I don't think the sex book sextion of a bookstore was a good place to start giving sex therapy. I was really tempted to suggest going to an adult bookstore for a toy or browsing the internet for one from the comfort of her own home, but I think she was looking bashful enough just trying to find a book that would be good for new ideas. She eventually left with her selection, a nice book with drawings of different things to do.

Just to go off on a small tangent, if you guys wanna find a good place to pick up chicks, the bookstore is a good place! I've been asked out twice so far while standing in the sex book section of the book store! This doesn't mean you should start trolling that section for women, but you might find a more quality one there than at the bar.

The rest of my trip was pretty uneventful. Though at my last stop in Crawfordsville, Indiana I kept catching a guy making eyes at me. I knew I shouldn't have worn that cleavage tank top!

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