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2/2/2006 1:59 am

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For Sale...

Daddy calls on my day off, and tells me not to make any plans. Curious, I ask why. He tells me he has a surprise in store, and that I should wear something naughty. "Like what?" I ask. He says I should wear my black crotchless panties, pink panties, a black corset with garters and hose, and my pink heels. He then tells me to put my garters on after I put on my panties, so the straps are over them. If I have to pee before we me, he wants me to wet myself. I'm liking this already. I am to remain in this until we meet later. I am permitted to wear normal clothes over the lingerie and switch to shoes when I leave, but cannot take off the lingerie.

When we meet, my panties are a little wet, and I REALLY have to pee! Daddy makes me strip my normal clothes, change into my heels, and admires my outfit. He thinks this will do nicely. After touching me, kissing me, and making me touch myself, he forces me into the bedroom where he takes some pictures. He makes me pose like the girls in his magazines, showing off my curves and looking sexy. Sometimes he spanks me if I get the pose wrong and he has to move me, but usually he's happy. Then, he leads me into the shower, and tells me that he wants to take a picture of me wetting myself. He then pulls me down on my knees, spreads my knees a bit, and tells me to lean back and let loose. He knows this makes it trickle down into my hole, and loves it! He takes his pictures, never shooting my face, and gets shots of my wet lingerie, but he doesn't want me to finish. I have to hold it after a short time, and he pulls his cock out so he can go too.

At first it hits me in the face. Daddy says since I still pee in my panties, I might as well be covered in it. He then lowers it till it fills the cups of my bra. Daddy then tells me to rub my bra, as he aims towards my panties. Occasionally, he alternates between my face and panties, telling me constatnly where to touch myself. My corset and panties are soaked! He tells me I can finish, but only if I'll lick the last drop from him. I say okay.

After we're done, Daddy hands me a towel and tells me to dry off. He doesn't want me to shower, and won't let me take off my lingerie. He tells me to go to the kitchen when I'm done, and he'll have a drink ready for me. I towel off, and sure enough, daddy is there with a beer and a cigarette. Then he tells me his surprise.

Tonight, I'm for sale. He's met a few friends who would enjoy a girl like me. He says they would love to use me as their piss slut, and I would be covered from head to toe. To keep me from running, Daddy says we're going to a bar. He says some will pay $20 to use me there, and some will pay $50 to use me at home. Daddy says he wants to see me get drenched by lots of guys, and that if I don't, he'll tell mommy how bad I've been. He also says none of them will enter me, cuz he's saving that for him. Daddy also says that I have to please the ones that pay to come home and use me. If I don't, Daddy will be very unhappy, and I certainly don't want that.

When we get to the bar, I'm still a bit wet, and I can smell the pee all over me. It kinda turns me on. Daddy orders us a couple of drinks, and we talk for a few minutes. After a short time, he gets up, and goes to talk to a man. Another few minutes go by with both the stranger and Daddy occasionally glancing at me. Then, I see the stranger hand him a $20 bill. They then walk over, and Daddy tells me I should grap a stall in the bathroom. I get up, and leave as told, walking into the bathroom, and sitting in a stall on the toilet. I pull off my shirt and pants, and the stranger walks up. He smiles when he sees me in my lingerie, and prepares to let loose. Sure enough, I'm soaked right then and there, all over my front. From the top of my corset to the bottom of my panties, I'm wet, and the stranger enjoys it. When he's done, he tells me to lick it. I look over at Daddy to see him nod, and I do as I'm told. Daddy then tells me to stay here for a few minutes, hands me a towel, and tells me he'll be back.

Daddy brings many guys over, and sometimes brings me a beer. Many of the strangers pee on my lingerie, while a few also cum on me. Daddy makes me stay in the stall most of the night, and also feeds me plenty of beers, making me pee for the strangers. I'm a little tipsy, and they're enjoying it so much! Then, 2 am comes, and we have to leave. Daddy says he's got 4 guys coming to the house, and has beer ready there for me.

When we get home, Daddy and the strangers all pee on me. Sometimes all at once. Sometimes they take me when they go to the bathroom. When we're not in there, we're in the living room chatting, smoking, or in the bedroom. Daddy and the guys make me watch porn, occasionally sucking on them, and letting me touch them. Sometimes the touch me all over. Daddy also likes to show them what he can make me to, and tells me to touch myself. He makes me use toys on myself, and lets the strangers put their kisses anywhere on me they want. It's extremely exciting!

When all is said and done, I'm covered in piss and cum from head to toe. Daddy loves this, and tells me what a good girl I've been. He also gives me half of the money he made, telling me I earned it, and not to "piss it all away." Ha ha, daddy. Then, he shows me some lingerie he got for me. I love it!

Then he tells me that the lingerie he bought is what I have to wear next week when we do it again.

lifeisablast333 53M

2/2/2006 11:25 pm

hot, hot, hot.....cum play with us.....

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