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6/7/2005 5:31 pm

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Does anyone love sex stories as much as I do? When I first met my husband, I was a little embarrased to show him my collection of erotica(3 books . What kind of good girl (what he thought he was getting) was I if I read "dirty stories"? He was so surprised being that my Daddy was a preacher, and he didn't think I knew about any of that. Well to show him- one day while he was working on the microphones at church before choir rehearsal, I took dinner over to him. I decided it was time to show him how naughty I could be. I walked into the church and greeted him with a big kiss. He was too busy to really notice so I told him that I was going to set up his dinner in the dining hall and I would call him when it was ready. I set up some candles, incense, ice cubes, pudding, whip cream, and had popsicles in a small cooler. I called him downstairs. When he came, he was a little upset that there was no "dinner" and asked me "what am I going to eat?". I answered "me", and took my coat off to show I had nothing on underneath. I laid on one of the tables and told him to "fix his plate and eat away". After he picked his chin up off the floor, he grabbed the ice cubes and rubbed them all over my nipples. The more he rubbed the harder they got...the ice just melted and water ran down the sides of my body. He then took the whip cream and covered my titties with it. He took his time devouring them and he looked like Santa with all the cream on his face. I then took the pudding and covered my pussy with it. He went to add some cream, but I told him the cream was inside....He'd have to get it. He spread my legs and licked all the pudding off. As he was licking my clit, he grabbed a popsicle and rubbed it around the opening of my twat. OOHHH it was so cold, but sooo hot at the same time. The more he sucked on my clit, the more I came and sucked the popsicle in. He started to fuck me with it and I squirted all over his hand. By this time he was so hard and he picked me up and put me on the floor. I needed his dick soooo bad that I got on my hands and knees and pulled my ass apart. My pussy was dripping like a faucet now and I needed to be plugged. He slammed his cock into me and I came instantly. He fucked and fucked, then grabbed another popsicle and rubbed it around my asshole. He grunted"I love a cherry ass!" and stuck his tongue in my asshole. I couldn't tell if I was cuming or going..... He continued to fuck me with his thumb fucking my ass, until he came with such a force that he knocked me down. He continued to spasm on top of me as I came another time. We decided that we really did need to eat dinner now and cleaned up before the choir came for rehearsal. Maybe next time we'll take care of that "cherry ass"!

dirtytalk35 37M

7/7/2005 2:41 pm

nice story i will have to try that sometime

m887ike 52M
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8/6/2005 5:31 am

I loved your story. Maybe we can get together for a meal.

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