My upgrade to silver.  

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5/1/2006 6:24 pm
My upgrade to silver.

Sometimes I wonder about this site, AdultFriendFinder. I have probably sent a TON of emails to gals who were online, or ones in my area, and very few responses. I think they should make it obligatory where the reciver has to answer with something. Even if it is an autoreply, as cheesy as those are. How am I supposed to know you're not interested? You would do that in person, right? I am supposed to "Get the hint". Riiiiigggghhhhtttt. Or am I supposed to write again, 'cause you are playing hard to get?HMMMMM.....I am a normal single guy. Not Norman Bates single. Just your average guy looking for a lady who can let loose, not deny herself. This is a rant cause I am upset and disappointed. Oh yeah, another thing. This site, last I checked, is a 'Hookup' site. They make no bones about it in the newsletters we all get. Let's some of us not kid ourselves. You ladies ( and a few gents possibly) looking for a father for your kids, a soulmate, a long term relationship not centered on sex somehow, have to be kidding! We have seen the ads, most of us for this site. They read something like 'Get Laid Tonight'. I am a realist and understand that that doesnt happen regularly, but is a desired end result for the majority. The ones offended when you tell them its not a dating or non physical friendship site, are the ones who don't get it. Now everyone likes friends, don't get me wrong. Why the hell would you look for chat buddies only here? Yahoo does that sooooooo much better with their chat rooms. Yahoo has a personals site and there are so many others more effective than this one for finding Mr. Right. This site is a (MS/Mrs. and)Mr. Right Now! Most of us understand the site. I just needed to vent is all. It's frustrating sometimes here, especially for us guys. To all reading this, have fun, good luck and may all of your physical sex dreams come true. I will update if I ever find someone here who really is real and wants to have safe fun, and let you know how the hunt here in 'ol Casper, Wyoming is going. So far it's bad, and I wonder why I spent the money.

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