Mental Stimulation...  

rm_carturo2 51M
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3/24/2006 11:47 am
Mental Stimulation...

As I have stated before I am fairly new to this blogging/contemplative/reflective view into one's thoughts. As I navigate through the countless profiles of who's online, etcetera, and read what women and couples want in a is ever increasingly obvious that people enjoy a good mind-fuck. Women beg to be mentally stimulated, and couples want stimulating conversation. Ah-Ha, I said to myself. All those early years of riding the short bus and wearing a helmet is finally going to pay off...I am as mental as one can get. Crikee! This Cricket stands a chance of getting laid. Look at my legs go...don't know what song they are playing but it's got rhythm. One has to wonder though...wouldn't it just be easier to hypnotize your partner? I mean just skip the mental mind challenge and go right for the jugular. "Oh, Baby--Look deep into my eyes, you are getting sleepy, you went to bed craving a Popsicle, open wide, suck... and enjoy your well-deserved treat" AAAAUUUUURRRGGGGG, DAMN...this one likes to bite off chunks. OK, so maybe hypnotism's not for me.

But here is a question. How many men with high IQ's can actually get the job done right??? Hmmm? I don't care what they can draw up on paper, all their hypotheses and theories will never beat tried and true trial and error. And trust me on this one, those of us with diplomas and certificates from the School of Hard Knocks, pride ourselves on our research into the perfection of satisfaction. It is something every male can perfect if he has the proper motivation. An Ivy league Diploma just can't measure up to... intense "on-the-job training".

Oh, they can try to rationalize and theorize, "the shortest distance between two points is a straight line" OK, now connect the dots...thrust, aaaahhh, and again, thrust, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

Looks good on paper, but they have to know where the dots are...

"Baby, spread your legs a little wider, I can't see past the end of my flashlight...I need to triangulate and then I can start. Ooops, ummm can I have my pen back? I seem to have dropped it."

Now a SHK's graduate (School of Hard Knocks) would just say, "Comon Babe lift your ass a little, hold it, OK I got the angle of the dangle. Last time I tried this on someone they pulled their own hair out. I'm taken that as they liked what I did, so hang on."

So for all those that want a Mind Fuck I have this to say..."Schools out, times up, put down your pencils, and get ready for the practical exam..."

Man...ya gotta luv them intellectuals.

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