What works? Reality !!!  

rm_car2dlr2 66M
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5/31/2006 6:52 am
What works? Reality !!!

I kinda like the silhouette, lacking a good, recent pic. That's my shadow, and a fairly accurate one at that! Hair is grey! I am lean, without killing myself with an exercise regimen that would bore me to death. I do the things I like the most and that just keeps me (physically) the way I am. Riding my mountain bike, swimming, hiking/walking-through the woods or city, that's the same, only the scenery is different, but I think the creatures you come across in any forest will always surprise you. That, you can count on!!! I say if you know yourself and can identify, at least the threat potential, of the two, four, six, eight, no legged creatures out there, YOU MIGHT, be able to sit down, observe, be observed, and maybe have a great conversation, which to me is just as arousing and fulfilling as the best intimacy you might hope to have...well, the best part is, you're just getting started. What was that noise from over there? I think it may have no legs, be careful!!

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