Nothing to say really  

LooseDiodeTruce 52M
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9/11/2005 8:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Nothing to say really

Sometimes you really dont have anything to say. Why am I writing that I ahve nothing to say....well pretty much to say that I have nothing to say. Now that that has been said. I guess there are times when you fine out things and you are just overwhelmed by it all. Sometimes you see something and you realize that there is nothing that one person can do. There are people who are so closed minded or so busy blaming others that they dont see the problem is themself. You know just the whole I am an insignificant cog in the universe feeling tonight. I got some bad news about some stuff and feleing a bit overwhelmed. You watch a movie and it reminds you of something you experienced in life. Someone else sees a movie and starts asking questions and figures out that you were there and then they dont know what to say or they say the wrong thing and they just get all weird.
Anyhow I have rambled enough tonight thanks for letting me vent tonight.

aprilhoney 52F
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9/12/2005 4:08 pm

I know the feeling about being that insignificant cog, lol. I try not to dwell on it... Anyhoo, if you need a shoulder let me know, I'm a good listener. J

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