LooseDiodeTruce 52M
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9/10/2005 9:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Okay I am big enoughto admit that I was wrong about TX. I really thought they would go to OSU and get thumped. Mack might really have something this year and yes Young is a true candidate.
Ou looked a little better but not much. At least they moved the ball and scored points. Bomar is the way to go. They better find a way to shore up those injuries though
ISU....I told you they would win the North. they beat a good Iowa team.
KSU....just a great coach up there and yes KState will be better this year

I still contend TT is the team in the south. Mike Leach is too much of a freakin genius when it comes to offense. TT is playing defense now too....that is just scary....I wonder if it is because Bobby Knight is down there now.

Ok State didnt really play anyone....Baylor...well Baylor is baylor
KU...well KU is still a basketball school and Mangino might not be there after this year.

Notre Dame beat Michigan! Can you believe that? Holy Cow!

LSU and ASU are in a dog fight. I have to be mad at Les Miles for leaving OSU but at the same time good riddance. I am not a big fan of Dirk Koetter either but I love ASU.

Anybody want to talk about any other conference? Big 12 looked a little better this week. There are still better conferences out there.
Who will be playing SC this year for the National Title? Will they get upset on the way there?
Will OU beat UCLA?

jim5131 55M
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9/11/2005 12:26 pm

I don't have much to talk more and will later...Texas/OSU went about the way I figured it would: to the wire by touchdown or less with UT on top.

A&M is taking a bye.

OU didn't crush as they needed to..feel bad for Thompson, he's a buddy of my oldest son and his parents are friends of mine. They did their job but unconvincingly. UCLA will kill them and make Big12 look stupid...again. Thanks, Sooners.

Tech didn' play anyone of consequence, they did their job. They play in Austin Oct8. It'll still be a Tech win..only real bet is if there's over 1000 yards in total offense between the two teams. Tech picked up their defense from 113th to 59th in country. UT is in for a dogfight.

Agree with Iowa State. They won't take out Tech or UT, so the march continues.

gotta go....

LooseDiodeTruce 52M
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9/11/2005 8:28 pm

I agree UCLA will win. I dont think they will crush OU but hey will win. OU still has a defense but it is nothing like it used to be and too many people have already figured out how to exploit the weak secondary. the line isnt as dominant as it used to be and the linbacking corps just doesnt have the instinct. Stoops isnt the recruiter that Blake is.....but then again Blake isnt the coach Stoops is.

UT is pretty good it really pains me to say that. They really have a good chance to go all the way.

TT what is the name of the quarterback this year? Does it really matter? Hell put the waterboy in and he will get 350 yds in a game. The quaterbacks there are products of their system. They are going to surprise a lot of people. I agree they didnt play anyone of consequence...Florida Intl?

A&M really needs to step up their game. They didnt look as impressive as they could.

Noone in the North look all that impressive but I do give kudo's to ISU for beating Iowa pretty soundly. Mizzou lost to who? or did they win this time? KU, KSU, NU, CO none are too impressive.

USC hasnt been challenged yet. Notre Dame is a surprise. If all the upsets had happened the same time as OU's I dont think OU would have had all the media. I dont hear a lot about Iowa losing or Michigan...both of those were pretty big upsets.

The Pac10 looks weak. THe SEC is always strong....but it is really beginning to look like parity has hit the NCAA

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