A litle more about a lot  

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9/8/2005 7:42 am

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A litle more about a lot

Okay I guess this topic is going to prevail for a while. I cant seem to say enough. I went to Petsmart last night because I had been thinking about all the poor animals in MS and LA. I knew/know that there are a lot of animals displaced or lost or whatever. I thought for sure that Petsmart or someother National Chain wouold be spearheading an effort to get dog and cat food out. I know it sounds odd to say dog food and cat food as food supplies. I get there and there is nothing but a donation can for the Red Cross.
I have not been to PetCo yet but I am headed there today to see if I can send a bag of dog food out.
I know from personal experiecne about the abandoned animals after an emergency. I took in a little dog after the OKC bombing. I found her in one of the buildings. We searched for her owner never found anyone and soon she became a member of the family. Anyhow I do hope people realize that there are animals that need our help too.
Okay a little more and I think I am done for a while. Someone who posted a comment on my blog(thanks by the way) put it in perspective very well. She asked about what the Germans would do. She talked about the shear size of the area. Does anyone realize the affects on other parts of the country this will have? Here in OK we ahve grain filling our silos and barges sitting on the Ark river. we cant get it out because it all goes through the Port of New Orleans. The agri market is going to be hurt by this and so will the farmers.
Gas prices are coming back down refineries are opening back up. When are we going to build some new ones? When is NAFTA going to kick in and Mexico starts drilling into their land for oil. they have huge stocks of oil. Perhaps this is a good time to start exploring alternate fuel sources and move away from oil. I know Big Oil will never allow it. If we moved away from all that fuel oil then we could bankrupt the Middle East kind of like we did to the USSR during the Cold War.
Okay just some random rants there. My last ones
the Big 12 sucks at football this year. OU? What a disappointment.....and I am a fan. Texa A&M tsk tsk your coach nedds to learn how to count. TX your fans and your team can get all excited about TCU all you want but you still ahve to get past Ohio State This week. OSU you got lucky....you tried so hard to give that game away it is just that they didnt want it either I guess. My sleeper pick all along has been Texas Tech so i guess we will see how I was with that this weekend. 9 wins in the big 12 and none of them impressive. 2 losses and they make national news. I think it might be a long season this year.

jim5131 55M
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9/9/2005 3:26 pm

Finally...someone broke the ice. It's all over for the football non-fans. Big12 football: Oh yeah...

Big12 sucks at football this year? A&M DID play a lousy game at Clemson..dropped pass on the goalline..touchdown called back for a nonrelated holding call..I'll give you that.

Texas did what they were supposed to do. OSU will be a better test and I'm looking forward to that one.

Oklahoma surprised me more than TCU, but the Frogs still have some of the Coach Fran recruits...good quality players and a good program in place. The Crimson Crowd just fired them up.

Nebraska and KSU are nonplayers, so the north is a wash.

Texas might have a gunfight with Tech, though. Always the best game in B12S. I'm an Aggie and always sweat the Lubbock team more than anyone else..and so does UTexas. I love the Red Raiders more than any other team outside of College Station...always the feared underdogs. The game last year against Cal was a classic...but I've seen Tech roll up that many total yards and LOSE. The only way to beat them is top keep their defense on the field.

Longhorns will go to the Rose Bowl...I doubt they will have any problems outside of Ohio and Lubbock. It's going to be a great year....

LooseDiodeTruce 52M
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9/9/2005 8:47 pm

If Texas gets past Ohio State and Young looks like he could. then I would belive that they are finally going to break out and win something. OU needs to step up and crush Tulsa...they need to get their swager back. I fully expect to see OU go 7-4. OSU beat Fla Atl. the rest of the big 12 did what they should....beat their non-opponents. Iowa State should win the North. I have to look it up where does TT play UT? If it is in Lubbock....TT wins the south.
A&M sorry I think your coach is gone after this year. He isnt turning the program like they had hoped.....plus he needs to be able to add. That 1 pt when you need 2....tsk tsk

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