Commercial Holidays  

rm_cant_be_true 38M
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2/3/2006 2:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Commercial Holidays

I love Valentine's Day, but only for it's commercial aspects. I love that people feel the need to go and buy flowers and candy and spend lots of money at restaurants and later on do some banging on some stupid rose flower petals. See I don't celebrate this day (or for that matter x-mas or easter) but I love to watch people spend their money on useless things. It makes me feel as if I'm smarter because I don't waste my time or money on that shit. In fact I think I'm really smart because when I have a girlfriend that does like that type of shit I tell her that I don't like the idea of just celebrating that stupid day once a year because every "rookie" is at the nice restaurants giving the waitstaff a hard time and not tipping properly, so I tell her I'll take her out the day after if she really needs to celebrate it. That way I can buy the stupid flowers and candy at a discounted price, and pick the rose petals out of someone's trash (little sticky but still good). So I love Valentine's Day. What do you think?

mangomamiCT 42F

2/3/2006 11:42 pm

And how many girlfriends have gone for that BS ? Are you always cheap ? LOL Just kidding .

rm_cant_be_true 38M

2/4/2006 5:44 am

mango---It's just what I say to act tuff and keep people away, for you I'd be showing up at your door with a dozen mangos

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