walking in a winter wonderland (happy holidays)  

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12/17/2005 9:05 am

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walking in a winter wonderland (happy holidays)

I was walking in the forest with a random person i had met on AdultFriendFinder, just beginning to get to know the guy. It was about 27 degrees outside and immediatly after a big snowfall. Dont ask me why we went walking in the woods on a first meeting but we did. Normally i would never do that because woods are vast and scary but this person made me feel comfortable and off we went.
As the winter crushed underneath my feet we spoke of many things, first loves, first AdultFriendFinder encounters, first snow memories,etc. It was great
After i told him that i wrote my encounters, the sexual ones at least, in my blogger here he made a comment like "well wed better make it interesting then" and we laughed. As sexy as it would have been to write about an escapade in the snow it was just simply too cold! We continued walking talking about sexual things we had done and for the most part i beat him on every level. The thing is that i started to get aroused. I could feel my pussy warmth threw my wool skirt and tights even with the drafty winds.
This guy wasnt much to look at but his voice and discussion were making me moisten. We continued on crunching in our forest walk when we came to a clearing. It was beautiful! like a scene from a movie which, then made it super cheesy, but seriously there were deer scampering around in the falling snow! shit you not! I of course wanted to get closer, well at least see how close i could get to the deer, and it let me get right up nest to it before pouncing away. That was a rush. I ran up to another one and attempted the same thing and again i got super close and then they pounced away. THe AdultFriendFinder guy wasnt really amused by my childish fancies but i could tell he was having fun watching me sleuth out a position right beside the deer.
We were still chatting quietly all the while and he brought up that maybe we shgould continue walking. Sadly i agreed, there is only so much fun you can amuse yourself with when dealing with a deer.
Onward we went on our little trek. I hadnt remembered the walk talking this long in past efforst but then again snow was covering everything so it was difficult to gauge distances. As we continued on the conversation began to get dry and boring and i wished for the walk to end. I just wanted to fuck the guy and get off, never calling him again except to fuck if he was good at it. We were right bewteen discussing donald ducks girlfriend daisy versus minnie mouse and who would be the better lay when i slipped into the brush and to the left of the trail. it came out from nowhere!! i felt like an idiot but when i motioned for him to help me get up instead he just dove right on top of me!
needless to say this was quiet unexpected but as i lay there in the wet snow i could feel his hard cock thrusting threw his pants and on my leg. how did i miss him getting aroused? i was still moist from before and this just eroticness made the floodgates open and swoosh i was juicy. It surprisingly didnt bother me to be laying in the snow on my back. I had a long wool jacket long skirt that had a slit in the side, tights, booties, and a tight Vneck sweater with a cotton bra. He never made it to the bra but he was sure as hell quick to make it up to my cunt to find out that i hadnt worn panties. With great passion and rage he pulled down my tights and as i was aroused all i could think of was THANK YOU for not ripping them!
He began licking my engorged lips with his lapping up all the juices to be had. he had to lick me pretty quick or else as i feared his tounge may have gotten frozen to me! Waves of enjoyment pulsated inside of me while the hotter i got the snow falling on my eyelids cooled me down. Lapping, licking, and fucking me with his tounge i was tranced by the snow. it was so quiet and peaceful and SO exciting and arousing. Suddlenly, i began to feel him circling around my little asshole; i could tell he wanted to fuck it by the look in his eye when i has met him. I allowed him to proceed. As he worked to stretch my tiny hole large enough for his cock to enter he continued to lick me and at one point i thought i heard him humming christmas songs! I let it go, normally i would have asked him to stop being as i despise christmas and all and posess no holiday cheer but i blocked it out and just let him pleasure me.
Down went his pants during all of this; i tell you men these days are talented! and before long what i thought were his fingers in multiples stretching my rear i found it to be one big thrust of cock. I gasped at the cold snowy air. It felt as if someone had pierced my backside with a thick spike! He slowing very carefully began to pump me while maintaining a rub on my clit. He was talking dirty to me now and placing his palm on my chest right by my clavicle for thrust and leverage. All my juices went streaming down to my now gaping hole he had created.
Then when i thought i was about to come from him pumping me and rubbing my clit as such he grabbed some of the snow and placed it on my button. It was so cold i nearly passed out. but sooner than i realized it my steaming pussy had melted it and he was pumping even harder. He repeated his actions again and this time i was howling in a mixture of pleasure and extream chill. One last time and right as i was cumming it came that icy shiver running throughout my body warming back up and being fucked harder than ever. It wasnt just the melted snow that provided lube now, i was glistening in my wetness and he just dove right into me again and again. He told me to touch myself and fuck my inside with my hand. I obliged. and as i began to do this i could tell he was about to cum. Soemthing about the idea of him being in my ass while i fucked myself. hitting my hand against his thrusting cock excited him and it shot out into the woods quickly. He could have cum in my mouth or on me but im glad he decided against it. he returened nature to nature. ALas now both of us were cold and chilly and wet. I asked him to finish our walk and told him that id make him some hot coco and dry his clothes for him in my laundry room.
Somehow it took us a shorter amount of time to get out of the woods than i had expected and before i knew it we were back at the cars and on our way to my apartment.
When we got there it was a contest to see who could get the clothes off the fastest. by now both of our faces were pale and blue from cold and numbingly coming back to warmth. After our little contest i went to the laundry room and threw everything into the dryer execpt for my wool stuff and there he was again! right behind me fully erect bending me over the dryer.
I pressed the start button and he told me to lean over and read the settings for him. I leaned over the dryer and began reading the settings like i was asked to when he pushed his way inside my pussy. He just stood there for a minute smacked my ass and went thrusting with the beat of the dryer knocking around. i was holding on for dear life. He was pushing so hard i thought that we would know the dryer over. But it was right about that time he picked up one of my legs and told me to lay as best as i could face down on the dryer. he held my legs up for me and worked out anything that could have been bothering me stress wise! With the combonation of the dryer vibrating on my chest and stomach and him fucking me i dont even know how i came really fast. he continued to hold my legs for me and pump, and pump, and pump. He pumped clear until the clothes were dry! Seriously! The buzzer went off before i had even noticed that much time had passed. He came on my back and tapped it twice. I turned around and he motioned for his clothes, i pulled them out, he put them on, and he was off into the snowy night.
I made myself some hot coco anyway and sat naked for hours wondering what the hell had just happened!

letshvefun2gethr 43M

2/2/2007 3:10 am

wonderful post!!

Boy121975 41M

2/21/2006 12:49 pm

Great post! You are really sexy

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1/2/2006 9:57 am

Well, sounds like you like to have fun. There are all kinds of places that we could try, what is your fantasy location? Maybe we can go try it.

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