the doctoral student  

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5/11/2006 3:27 pm

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the doctoral student

I have two apartments, don't ask me why but i do. one i live in the other i work in. So basically there is nothing in the one i work in except for a desk with all my crap on it. The bedroom has a fully functional queen but i never use it...well at least i never did until the other night.
i had just finished studying for a final in the union we have and saw this guy that i had my eye on all year. He had a few classes with me but nothing had ever really happened. He was getting his doctorate and had a full time professional job already, not to mention he lived about an hour away and commuted.
He had just gotten off work and as he was leaving i asked what he was planning on doing that evening. he said your basic "ahh nothing really" so i invited him to come get a drink with me to celebrate the finals being halfway over.
Well we never made it to a bar. I told him that i had to stop off at my extra apt first to put away some paperwork and grab my ID. We went over and he parked, i think he wanted to stay in the car but i nudged him out with a smile and a little flash of skin.
Once inside he was super confused as to why i would have two apartments. I explained it to him and then when i finished he was conveniently in front of the bed and so i pushed him onto it and began kissing him. At first i thought he may turn me down and run off but he invited my tongue into his mouth. We lay there making out like high schoolers for a while until i unbuckled his pants. I think he may have hesitated because there was a substantial age difference between us not to mention a degree. I could feel his cock growing tight in his boxer briefs as i tore off the jeans.
As he lay there sprawled on the sheet less bed i went to town sucking on him. His arms were folded above him and there was a large grin on his face. his cock was long, and had the most beautiful curve. I knew it would feel wonderful inside me later when i rode him. My clothes were still on and i didn't even care. Since i hadn't initially planned on fucking someone and this was merely by Chance I didn't have ho panties on, instead they were day of the week white with cows on them. i know it sounds so plain but he really got off on it once i took my pants off. under my t shirt i had a simple cotton purple bra. nothing spectacular really but he strangely enjoyed the plainness of everything.
As i took my clothes off i balanced sucking on him and stroking with my hand. quite challenging when you think about it but i managed. His cock felt amazing rubbing down my throat. that curve helped me out a lot! finally when my neck began to hurt and i saw that he was still laying there i decided to take it upon myself to sit on his face. Not to 69 but just to ride his face like i was the lone ranger. As i moved up his body from the floor i took his shirt off, it was simple cause it was a t shirt too. He welcomed my pussy on his face.
As i rocked on him i could clearly feel his nose hitting my clit which just drove me wild! So i rode harder. I have no idea how he was breathing but he grabbed my hips and pulled me down harder as soon as i became vocal. his thumb managed to work its way to my ass and he gently caressed that hold as he tongue fucked the juicier lips. His thumb inserted itself slowly, using the moisture from my pussy that was dripped onto his palm. Soon he was finger fucking my ass and i was moaning louder than before.
I orgasm-ed quickly all over his face. he kept going until i bucked myself off of him slapped a condom on his cock and rode the hell out of that.
I was so wet from my first orgasm that the second didn't take long at all. Still he grabbed my hips and levitated us off the bed. He pounded me deep and it was that painful deepness that is pleasure. his curvalicious cock his my G and i just came and came and came. I was amazed that i was still on top, my body felt like jelly.
He just kept pounding until i slumped over from tranquility. even then he raised my leg up and scissor fucked me while i lay down. The un-sheeted bed felt scratchy on my side and burned as i was pummeled against it. He placed his thumb on my clit now rubbing my button as he continued to screw me senseless. i came once more and i didn't even mean to, i couldn't control it anymore.
i don't think he came. After a while i kinda went hazy from all the fucking, but i do not explicitly remember him cumming on me. that was fine with me. we chuckled as he was leaving. i was so hazy from everything i may of well been drugged even though i wasn't. My pussy was sore for days afterwards. It was that enjoyable soreness where you daydream about how it occurred in the first place. good thing i have another class with him in the fall

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5/21/2006 1:25 am

Whether or not you intend to...this is some of the hottest erotica I've read in a really long time. I mean, damn I've had some of the best orgasms I've ever had alone from reading this stuff. Keep up that amazing stuff....and I"ll live vicariously through your blogs. Man, this stuff is HOTT!

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5/12/2006 12:11 pm

You have some amazing blogs.. hit me up next time your in town.

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