take a bite of the big apple  

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6/18/2006 10:49 am

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take a bite of the big apple

I arrived here a few days ago to start an internship and my ex picked me up from the airport. After running throughout the subways with all my luggage and then across town in the rain; we finally got back to his brooklyn residence and stripped off our wet clothes.
Now i hadn't seen him in a few years, the breakup was bad and he had left me for of all things another MAN so i wasn't worried about being naked again in front of him. We both changed our clothes and sat in front of the Tv for a bit watching world cup games until it was time to go out for the evening.
it was close to midnight by the time we arrived at the club downtown. i learned quickly that short mini skirts are not advised for subway seats because my ass cheeks were hitting the seat...it was gross and i stood majority of the time. so there i was wearing a mini skirt and sparkly little top that some would have said i shouldn't be wearing but who cared, i was with a gay man and i didn't care.
the music was screaming loud and throbbing in my ears after about an hour. the nyc clubs are quite different than the chicago ones...so i was a pussy and said i wasn't to leave after i had a few drinks because my ears hurt so fucking much. i slammed about 4 jager bombs and a few shots of 151 then was rocked. Considering i hadn't eaten anything since before the plane ride to ny needless to say the alcohol hit quick and before i knew it i was stumbling around the dance floor asking to go home.
my ex slumped me over his shoulder and we walked down into the subway. now being n the subway sober in a skirt is very different than being in the subway trashed. I don't exactly remember what occurred until we got home but I'm pretty sure i passed out during the 30 minute ride home. before i knew it i was being stripped down on a bed.
I hadn't thought anything of the fact that the ex was stripping me down until my panties came off and his hands began caressing my thighs. they moved across my now naked body and i was baffled. wasn't this the man that had left me? however then i quickly reflected about how good he was in bed so i said fuck it lets go! he straddled my chest, cupping my tits as he eased his cock into my mouth from above. i readily received him. it wasn't much work on my end because i had a head board to brace my neck against as he rocked gently on my tongue. He began to moan, he was a loud one- i had forgotten that- and talking dirty to me. one of his hands ceased caressing my chest and it moved down to my pussy now increasingly wet and warm. it was as if he did a back bend on me. i guess the gay men learn new positions when they turn. all i knew was that i didn't care, i was excited and enjoying myself. As i sucked his cock he circled my clit with his hand, this was the strangest position and finally i said fuck it, took his cock out of my mouth, flipped on my stomach and told him to get behind me and put his cock in my ass.
he was taken aback by this request but he readily agreed. before i knew it i was being pounded from behind! this felt amazing, all those years of him fucking other men were providing me with a great time! i reached down and began to touch myself as he continued to pump into me. i came quickly and hard. as my juices dripped down from my untouched pussy hole he pounded harder until he reached orgasm. he was loud and made me giggle. He eased out, rolled over and went to bed.
we still haven't talked about that night but now when i see his boyfriend it makes me smile in many different ways

rm_Liseke 43M

6/8/2007 1:40 am

LOL-I like that...Well I am not sure about gay men, but a full blooded woman wanting it deep in her ass is SUCH a turn ON...

TriggerJinxed 38M

6/29/2006 4:42 pm

Oh great, even a gay guy gets more ass than me.

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6/24/2006 3:50 pm

Awesome story... looks like you both had a fun time.

did you go to the toshi Swedish party by any chance??

Mr_Wall_St 32M

6/21/2006 12:01 am


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