lesbian fun for the straight girl  

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4/5/2006 2:18 pm

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lesbian fun for the straight girl

i went to another conference, this time indianapolis! hooray for indy because the final four was being played there and tons of people were in town.
during the conference i met up with a lady i had known for a while, we went to dinner, chatted for a bit and then i invited her back to my hotel room for a nightcap. Well as chance would have it my roommate for the conference had invited her own fun back to the room so my lady friend and i were displaced for a bit. We decided to go hang out by the hotel pool and chit chat some more. As time passed we edged closer to one another's body and all of a sudden she pinned me against a wall and was kissing me.
now normally i dont swing the lesbo route but this was the exception. I loved the was she played with my tounge. she was peirced and it added to the excietment of the public make out session that we started. Knowing that there were people in hotel rooms all around us (the pool was surrounded by rooms) was so erotic. Old conservative men could have walked up on us and caught the lesbian kissing that was occuring.
My roommate was the one that actually caught us kissing, she had locked herself out of the room after escorting her fuck out of the hotel.
i asked my lady what she wanted to do and she asked if she could spend the night. I figured this was fine with my roommate and so all three of us went back to the room got undressed and went to bed. Well the roommate went to bed, my lady and i stayed up. We began to stroke each others bodies under the covers waiting for the roomie to fall asleep and give us the okay to get dirty. As the touching continued i felt myself getting wet. It was so innocent, not like the raunchy lesbo shit you see in pornos. As soon as the roomie was sleeping my lady friend jumped atop me kissing me passionatley. She had the upper hand and she used it to pin my arms above my head as she slipped her tounge in and out of my mouth. my shirt came off and was used to tie my arms together above my head. She began to suck on my nipples. normally i hate nipple play but i couldnt help but enjoy the was she loved them with her mouth. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure as she bit them and kissed them into submission. I bit my bottom lip in excitement repeatedly. My nipples were rosy red and erect froom the torture she had given them with her mouth. but then the roles switched and i was the one wanting her breasts filling my mouth so i released myself and did just that. She had fairly small breasts, perky, and sweet tasting like honey. Her nipples were small with tiny areolas circling around in deep red color. This turned me on immensly. I bit hard into her flesh and she moaned from enjoyment. I had a feeling that she liked the rough stuff judging from what she had done to me. her hands ran all over my back and behind, inner thighs and face, She never touched my pussy. Pussy was off limits to both of us. I continued to make love to her breasts and tounge as she maintained quiet moans. her shirt was wrapped around her shoulders.
she whispered into my ear to touch myself and i did. I straddled her thigh and began to rub my clit as she kissed my neck. i rocked back and forth on her thigh until i almost hit climax. She was not pleasing herself though! how could i orgasm without her pleasing herself as well? i took her hand and placed it inside her pajama pants and told her to cum. She kissed me forcefully and began to touch herself as well.
Theres something fun about mutual masterbation with another woman. As we rubbed our clits we kept kissing, nibbling, biting the felsh of each other.
Keep in mind my roomie was in the bed next to us this entire time. We both felt so naughty.
I increased my vocalness as she increased hers and we came right about the same time as she bit on my nipples.
We kissed for a long time after the orgasms and finally 4 hours of pleasure later decided to sleep. I awoke the next morning with sore nipples, a beautiful reminder of what had occured the night prior. We said our goodbyes and then i went back to attending the conference with a secret love session with a lesbian stuck in my head the next few days. i smiled a very long time after that. every time i touched my breasts, whether a brush or squeeze they were reminders of the nipple play and what a fun learning experience that was!
i need to go back soon and visit her again.

rm_incognet2 36M
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4/20/2006 3:09 am

Wow, that reads better than any harlequin romance novel. Maybe you should be writing one?

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4/17/2006 3:41 pm

Great story - I mean it is a story not just hot talk...very hot too

goodnhung2 31M
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4/10/2006 10:28 am

I love your stories. How do I get into one of them?????????

SIUtvguy 33M

4/9/2006 5:02 pm

You have the best blogs. I really enjoy reading them.

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