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4/30/2006 10:45 pm

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i provided ample support...

so you know i went to chicago, its been so crazy since i got back that i haven't been able to tell you all about my adventures there!!!
It actually happened at the cubs game believe it or not. We were sitting in the sky box and watching them get their ass beat by Cincinnati which was really sad because i have high hopes for the cubbies!!! anyway the gentleman that i was with suggested that we forget about the game for a bit and maybe if we didn't watch what was going on the game would turn. See sometimes wen i watch a game the team i root for looses but as soon as i turn the channel or walk away they score! so i figured what the hell.
We had already been drinking since the morning so it wasn't that difficult to get turned on when he started moving his hand up my leg. I was wearing jeans and a blue cubbies shirt, my hair was in a ponytail and i had a baseball hat on. As he moved his hand up my leg i was trying to think of a graceful way to take my pants off without it being awkward.
SO>>>i decided to give him a little striptease since the sky box was all ours. I seductively arose from my seat and stood directly in front of the glass. Anyone looking up from below or across the way was able to see my back. First thing i took off was my hat, then i let down my hair. i always look hotter with my hair down, i began to dance to the music that played below in the stands, i think it was aerosmith "walk this way" but i didn't care i just moved my hips to the beat as i began to caress my breasts.
As i danced in front of the glass i made sure to bend over and unbutton my pants. i had sandals on so those came off easily. I scantily eased them down around my hips and around my ass until they hit the floor. his jaw did too. Who knew that a cubs thong would come in handy? I think thats what really got him.
So there i am dancing by the glass in a thong and tshirt and then some kid rock american badass came on, i lost track of what inning they were in and i began to lean against the window and rub along my top till i hit my centerpoint button. He just sat there spread on the couch with his pants getting increasingly tighter. I gyrated my pelvis around in circles like a dirty stripper would to the song and moved closer to where he was.
i eased my tshirt off and revealed a lacey purple bra that heaved my chest with every breath i took. i kneel-ed down and unbuttoned his pants then unzipped. But his pants stayed on, and i began to move my hands along his chest taking off his shirt. My mouth was guided to his his and we began to kiss passionately as i caressed his torso. His hands ran along my spine and then around my buttocks round and firm like j.lo
I pulled out his cock and straddled his lap. Moving his pants lower around his hips with my thrusts his cock came free from constraint as i buried his face in my tits.
He pushed me upwards so i could ride his face and i gladly submitted. He wanted me to keep the thong on so he just pulled it to the side. There i was on his face grasping the back of the seat as i curled around his mouth and head.
The he did something that i actually had never done before! He told me to 69 his while he was sitting exactly where he was. So i turned myself upsidown and began to take him into my mouth as the he licked me upright. i balanced my arms on the edges of the seat wrapping around his thighs as he spread mine apart in the air. He managed to finger around my ass while he held my legs in the air and it drove me wild. I wanted to cum so badly but he told me not to and covered my clit with his tongue and pulling me in tightly. It wouldn't have been bad except for my bobbing which in turn made his tongue rub pressure to my clit. Right when i was about to climax he could tell and so he threw me off of him and told me to ride him cowgirl style.
Since he was in a upright position mounting him immediately rocked my clit in just the right way. I bounced and he thrust in all the right was and before i knew it i was cumming all over his lap and my cum went down my thighs. He was grabbing my hips and fucking me hard now, then he pushed on my back and told me to grab my ankles. This was interesting for me because i had to balance as to not do a somersault onto he floor.
It was during this that the cubbies hit a homer! and he just fucke dme even harder as the crowd cheered on. You couldn't even hear my moans over the thousands of people cheering on the runner.
At this point he stood up and told me to still hold on to my ankles as he fucked me doggy until he came. He pulled out just in time and blew his pop all over my ass. Then he kneeled down as i still grabbed my ankles and began to lick me again but this time from behind. It was instant orgasm!!! i was so sensitive and he just continued to go to town on my pussy. He wanted me to cum again. Maybe if i climaxed again the cubs would get another run and thus a tie. Well it worked somehow. i began to scream as the crowd did the same. At one point he couldn't believe it and stopped to look out the window to make sure he wasn't just imagining things!
After that we were both really excited in more ways than one but we didn't want to overdue our good luck. So I moved my thong back into place and we got dressed and got another beer.
Lets just say the bubs won that game in more ways than one! It was defiantly a game to remember...too bad the next day they lost

heartskingdomt52 31M
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7/21/2006 10:57 pm

thats like convertin a yankee fan to a bo sox fan

rm_blkdkgvr 33M
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5/11/2006 4:01 am

hey im a sox s fan with a 5 1/2in tongue w/ a 10in dick. hit me up to c what championship cock feels like!!!

Boy121975 40M

5/1/2006 1:03 pm

Next time you want to come to Chicago, please drop me a line. I live a few blocks from the Cubbies and would love to "support" them too!

moos106.7 44M  
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5/1/2006 6:44 am

Keep that up, you'll start converting Cardinal fans. lol

rm_mayweplease 54M/F
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5/1/2006 12:15 am

Bloody hell
If you ever come over to the UK can i take you to a soccer game...................please.

Mark xx

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