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7/3/2006 11:11 pm

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So as youve already read, i enjoy being dominated. whether the domination implies whips and shackles or just a silk scarf as AdultFriendFinder puts it. So when i found myself down in the villiage the other day amongst all the naughty shops right off W4th i couldnt help but check out the leather selection.
Frankly it didnt interest me, but the store clerk did. after milling around looking at vibrating rabitts i went to the counter with my selection and began to make small chat with the clerk. He wasnt what i normally went for, a bit too emo for his own good but with rough edges that you could tell were sharp. As he tested my new toy i asked how he got into the fetish porno selling area and he told me it was because it was th eonly place to find women. i chuckled at this and then on the reciept as i signed i wrote my number.
A day or two went by and i played with my toy constantly because i hadnt met anyone off AdultFriendFinder since i got here and that hasnt been by choice!!! So i was working one day and i get a phone call froom a man who said he was a customer sales rep for the toy's company and wanted to know how i was enjoying my purchase. I knew it was the clerk immediatly, seriously how many rabitt companies make personal calls based off the credit card billing info and contact number? exactly. i played along though and it was fun. i was asked how i juse the toy and what i fantasized about while using it. a few more questions and i was asked out to dinner...this was by far the most role playing, if you can call it that, that i had done. however i agreed to meet back in the villiage for some cupcakes at magnolia. (anyone who hasnt had a cupcake from there you are missing out go eat one)
the next day came and as i was getting dressed i debated what i should be wearing underneath my plain blue t shirt and jeans, i opted for a white lace bra and panties that had sides that tie. i thoguht it was sexy and innocent, quite opposite of the emo facade he displayed. i thought it would make the sex interesting if it happened...boy was i right!
after eating cupcakes he invited me back to his apartment nearby for some coffee, heaven forbid we should drink starbucks, and it was an excuse to get back to his place. It was small and dark with a ton of art on the walls. the coffee was great and we spoke of music and art. Then he leaned over and graced my lips with his. Gently he continued these soft pecks as he slowly moved down my neck. I brushed my hair away to give him more of that tender neck spot attention i enjoy so much. we made out for a long while, i could feel the moisture inside wishing to escape from my panties onto him. Ever gently again he removed my shirt unveiling heaving breasts spilling over the lace enclosure. he left the bra on however and moved to my button fly jeans slowly undoing each one. his lips moved around my belly button and around my hipbones as he eased the pants down.
This is when things got a bit strange but enjoyable. he took off his belt and raised my arms over my head. then he secured my arms to the frame of the futon we were sitting on. he reclined it afterwards. i went along with this scenario too because we all know how much i enjoy being tied up. He began to go to work on my pussy, sliding my panties to the side even though they had the ties on the side for easy access to areas. Apparently he wanted them to stay on. He called me his angel and told me he wanted to spank the goodness out of me. he began to push his fingers deeper inside of me as he leaned down and lapped up my wetness eagerly. I tried to tell him to 69 me and take his pants off so i could have his cock shoved in my mouth while tied up, but he simply pulled a bandana from his back pocket and wrapped it around my mouth so i wouldnt talk anymore. He instructed me that i could only moan, nothing more, no less.
His fingers plunged back into my cunt breaking a dam of wetness all over the futon and his hand. He kissed my neck and moved onto my breasts, then belly again, next was the pussy. He moved his fingers around my asshole making that hole moist for accepting items as well. Just when i was about to cum he got up and left.
He left me there for a good few minutes while i heard him rummaging around in another room. When he came back he had a basket on his arm and no clothes of his body. Inside of the basket there were toys of all sizes and shapes. glass, plastic, vibrating, jelly, you name it he had it in his arsenal.
Without going into detail lets just say he tried every single one of those toys on both my holes that day. the waves of pleasure prohibit me from detailed writing because frankly i was in too much enjoyment to really detect what exactly was occuring. I must have cum about 14 times that afternoon. The strange thing is that he never wanted nor recieved any pleasure himself. He gave everything to me, and when i mean everything i mean EVERYTHING. and since i was tied up and gagged there really want anything i could do except lay back and enjoy myslef. so i did...again and again and again. When he had his fill of my moans he untied my arms and then as he lifted my mouth gag he kissed my lips gently just as before. My body was hot, blushing, and sensitive as hell. I didnt want to move! I lay there listening to the industrial music he had been playing since we had arrived back to his place, it was so fitting. We finally drank the rest of the coffee and then i went home. the subway ride home my legs were still shaking and each time i adjusted my seat arrangement i could feel my engorged clit being squeezed between my legs. i couldnt help but smile.

i'll definatly be a repeat shopper at his establishment

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7/25/2007 8:32 pm

Apparently, not only is a job at a sex shop a great way to meet women, but it gives a perfect opportunity to do product testing.

I'm thinking of changing careers.

SirMounts 102M

3/2/2007 4:59 pm

Well, I'm glad that you had such a satisfying and fulfilling experience, campuskitty. *smiling*

rm_2sway1 49M

11/29/2006 11:43 pm

I your style. A real stright shooter and educated. Would it not be nice if we could get everyone to be so honest with themselfs as well as others.

Keep posting your adventures.


rm_Jam13One2 38M

9/21/2006 7:37 am

Maybe when you get back to c'dale we could swap some stories over a drink or create some over a blanket.

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9/17/2006 7:11 pm

I love reading your stuff...I just wish you posted more often! I'm anxiously awaiting another story. I'm starting my own blog stop by and check it out if you're ever bored enough.

rm_tamerfr8 34M

8/30/2006 7:18 am

hmmm very well put together nice story reminds me of the first time i was pretty much stripped of my clothes and laid down in the back seat of my truck with a gal on top of me b4 i coudl turn around. So where are these cupcakes at that u say are so good? have u ever been tied up with whip cream or caramel all over ur body and ate like a midnight snack then after ur are cleaned been only touched with a feather with ur eyes closed all over ur body making u starve for more affection but only with a feather? lol

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8/28/2006 9:32 pm

Still would like to be in one of these hot blogs of yours.. love em..

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