Split The Difference  

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5/9/2006 7:21 pm
Split The Difference

I visited Miss R in DC. I first met her in the SLC airport, as we both traveled to visit our family for the holidays. I flirted, got her number, and finally ended up visiting her a few weeks ago.

From the beginning there was sexually-oriented verbal play and banter - and yet R would sometimes back off, fearful (I believe now) of rejection, not necessarily crossing a moral line as she proclaimed.

You see, R is Mormon. But she's also sensual, alive, inquisitive, and dying among the disfunctional groups of non-married Mormons that are segmented and isolated, kept away from the family congregations in hopes that proximity induces romance.

It fails miserably, of course. Most of the singles are persistently so, especially outside of the Mormon-population dense areas of the Mountain West. And like most religions, the true believers tend to be women. Because marrying outside the faith is highly discouraged, you're left with a whole range of otherwise acceptable women with little hope and lots of frustration.

R has extra struggles - she actually "fell" and had an affair for over a year with a marriage man. She knows what sex is like. She remembers the touch of skin, the comfort of sleeping next to another body.

It little suprised me that we ended up sleeping together. What I did find gratifying is how well R accepted that fact - and actually embraced it to such a degree we canceled the plans we had for our last day together and just fucked - and fucked - and fucked. I haven't had four orgasms in a four-hour period since the first three months of my marriage back in the early 90's.

After I came back home, I chatted with her to see how she was holding up. Beyond processing the experience of the weekend, R seemed at peace - at least she had accepted her role, acknowledged that she had learned some (fun) things, and appreciated the experience. While she isn't giving up on her beliefs or her commitment to the Church and the principles, it seems she is learning to find accomodation with her needs and her ideals.

For all of us, how much better do we live when we learn to split the difference, to find a middle path?

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