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7/24/2006 1:05 pm

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Ok... I'm pretty new to this blog thing. I've been poking around here in blogland for a bit and if I saw something interesting I would leave a comment and such.

The other day I was reading an old post, kittenkisses24, but anyway they were talking about there lifestyle without drugs and how they never really did them and asked everyone what they did growing up.

I, of course, being an expert in the euphoric herbal remedies, went on blabbering about my life and my up-bringing and how drugs really made me the person I am today.

So without really getting into everything, would you people in blogland like to hear the irresistable ramblings of my drugful youth? or do you think it's a waste of time and no one will probably read anyways? Please let me know...even if you have a question about myself.

rm_callmetiger2 34M

7/26/2006 6:52 am

    Quoting lioness860:
    welcome to blogland...
    stories are always good and we are always looking for new ideas
Thanks Lioness, I'm still trying to get the feel for this and what everyone wants to read. Come back any time!!!

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