Loving life and the company of lusty passionate mature woman  

rm_cabodano 63M
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3/17/2006 8:36 pm

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8/28/2007 2:11 pm

Loving life and the company of lusty passionate mature woman

We live such an enchanted life here in Cabo that we sometimes take it for granted. We enjoy every day and the nights too. It is extra nice to meet someone who is affection, sensual, loving and already knows what to do with a mature professional man like me. I love woman and the pleasures we bestow on each other. Loving and laughing our way through life enjoying every minute.

If you live here you know. If you want to visit and have some fun and good times with a man who knows how to treat a woman, please drop me a line. I live a very nice life here on the Pacific side. Quiet, tranquil, peaceful and private. No neighbors makes for good living and good loving. You must be as sexually uninhibited as I am for maximum pleasure. If not I am willing to teach you if you are willing to learn.

If your interested in a very good man please let me know. I love this life and wouldn’t change it for the world. Well maybe some of it. I still have a bad case of wanderlust and want to continue my personal voyage but not alone. I’ve traveled the world many times alone wishing that I had someone to enjoy those exotic and erotic locations with me. One day she will find me or I will find her and life will be good again, but much better.

Interested? Cum take a look and visit. Burn your buns in the sun and let me kiss it to make it all better.

rm_cabo_couple 61M/51F

8/25/2006 3:27 pm

Now this guy is real. Tall, dark and handsome with all the right moves. We like his nasty sexy ways too. Ladies look out for him. He's not only a good looking stud but is as sexy as he is hung. And he's a great host and very accomidating. Ask him to cook you dinner, nude.... Nice and clean shaved and always happy and horny. Built to satisfy with lots of endurance and stamina. If I was only built like this guy. Man can he FUCK and SUCK. Great guy.

We had him over twice and WOW. She is still wanting more and so she should be. I like the way he spanks and tickles my ass but thats another story. Anytime buddy.

Thanks again man. When can we do this again?

rm_firebluestar 59F
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7/21/2007 4:02 pm

the perfect get away...it sounds so inviting...where do i sign up for the scholarship tours....i am totally at loose ends and could use some rest relax and lots of pampering....my pockets are empty but i have a willing sense of adventure and the worst thing that could happen is you will laugh your ass off for my whole visit...i am a funny mother f...er...i have been a bartender/hairstylist/tax professional...most of my clients say they have never had so much fun...i love to lay in the sun and eat drink and be merry...i love to go from bar to live band to live band...i am intersted in my fellow humans and love to join in on anything for fun....i love to dance and swim.....even can be a good cook....but wouldn't mind breakfast in bed...catch me...kim873

kimberstar....licks and kisses

rm_akgirl59 57F
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8/19/2007 5:57 am

Let me know when you're up this way. I'd love to fix you a nice dinner and get to know each other. Mi casa es tu casa y eres bienvenido siempre. Lo siento mucho que todavia tienes problemas con las mujeres que queiren nada mas que mentirar y robarte...de tus amistades y tu dinero.
Yo no soy asi...y te lo quiero mostrar que podremos ser amigos amables.
Dinner in Escondido when you make the trek north.

Sexy Southern BBW Built for Comfort

FunFriskyGirl 56F
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10/23/2007 11:44 pm

Well HELLO there! I've been vacationing in Cabo since 1996....one, twice, or three times/year.....very familiar with the area and surprised that our paths haven't crossed! I plan to return in December 07 when ice becomes a permanent fixture in Calgary, Canada. No need for Damiana, but fine wine and a jacuzzi speeds up the thawing process upon arrival! I'm usually at Playa Grande or the Westin and desperately need a golf tutor!

Let's chat,

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