Gratifying / Intense-Part 6  

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4/20/2006 6:52 am

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Gratifying / Intense-Part 6

Now was a good time for some spooning. I grabbed her legs just above her knees and gently pulled, lowering her body to a prone position. I guess it was the pillow under her that kept her behind in a perfect elevated height. Her buttocks were a perfect fit as I placed my legs outside of her legs. It was like riding a bronco in slo-motion as she heaved her hips up and down. The continuous pressure of her buttocks being pressed against me sent pleasure throughout my loins. I inched myself forward to get a little deeper penetration and must of found the right spot. Her lower back arched upward and she rotated her hips in a slow circular motion. It was like being on an amusement park ride with each rotation she was working me in and out ever so slightly. I felt the sides of my shaft being dragged along her vaginal walls with each rotation. As the rotations started increasing in speed I felt her brace herself to push her ass upward for deeper penetration. The marathon lady was doing it once again and I felt her vaginal walls starting to contract with another orgasm.

As we laid there for a brief time, I felt the time was right to become real exploratory. I repositioned her back to her knees, but not as high as before. I grabbed my penis and placed the tip at the opening of her ass. The head of my penis sled ever gently into the opening. I’m not sure if it was her juices, our sweat, or a combination of both, but she was well lubed as if we had used some extra substance. I stayed there with an inch of my probe inside of her waiting for her reaction. Her reaction was unbelievable. I heard her take a deep breath and felt her relax her body from her abdomen backward. She slowly glided her hips backwards easing me deeper inside of her. My shaft felt like a sword being ease into it sheave until the hilt prevented any further penetration.

The fit was like wearing a tailor made lycra running suit. Her insides conformed to every inch of me. My entire shaft felt the tightness of her insides wrapped around me in a tender boa like squeeze. The rhythm we have had all night continued like two dancers who never missed a step. First we started slow with our movements in perfect sync. Anyplace she moved I was snuggly along with her. Anyway I moved she responded with a matching movement where we were joined as one more so than anytime this evening.

We were now reaching the end of our second hour with this second session. The timing was right to let myself go. The cum she had drenched me with to this point provided a perfect and natural lubricant. I was able to move in and out of her with ease. Her moans of pleasure were at a deeper pitch and intensified with each stroke. Her body had a sense of revival as if she had saved her strongest thrust for the end. We were like a sub 4-minute miler coming around the final curve knowing there was only one long straightway to traverse. The strokes were at maximum length. The thrust were at maximum depth. The pounding was at maximum strength. The tempo had reached maximum speed. Maximum is suppose to be a superlative word, only as the first drops of my cum warmed her innards we reached a higher level. As I poured my lode into her, what was once quivering beneath me was now convulsing vibrations.

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