Gratifying / Intense-Part 4  

rm_cab824 70M
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4/20/2006 6:49 am
Gratifying / Intense-Part 4

There was still one last place left to taste her juices. My tongue inched downward until it could feel the opening of her womanhood. As I lapped upward my flattened tongue tried to paint this pink palace like a painter making broad strokes. I would end each stroke with a hard sip on her clit. By the fourth or fifth stroke, her hips were starting to tell me that a new round of pleasure was building.

This is when I rolled her over. As I pulled her hips up so she could get on her knees she grabbed a pillow to place under her. A woman who stayed so moist and wet, her pussy was eager to be penetrated from this rear position. I hardly had to move and just had to be firm in holding my ground as she rocked herself forward and back. With each stroke I felt like a piston working the cam of an engine. When she rocked forward I looked down and could see my whole shaft exposed with only the tip of my penis within her. As I was being pulled outward I’d see the tiny ring of her inner pinkness also being pulled outward. When she rocked backward it was with a forceful stroke. Over seven inches, it would start like slow motion and accelerate to a ramming speed. Ram she did as the flesh of her buttocks slammed into me producing a thunderous slapping sound.

The view of looking down at her sweet ass was as scenic as looking upon a natural vista. Her hips are wide with comfortable love handles. Her buttocks are a creation of symmetry. Each globe is very firm and robust with a roundness that ran both horizontally and vertically. The color is a perfect blend of rose tinted cream, like my favorite cherry vanilla ice cream. Her skin is an irresistible texture; all of it is so smooth, soft and supple. When I squeezed it you felt how sensually connected it is to the rest of her body. I grabbed her with both hands and my thumbs close to her puckering anal opening. Every time she slammed back to maximum depth I’d put pressure on my thumbs that left her rear entry ajar. While I notice a slight invitation, I wasn’t sure how to handle this so I decided to wait and see how things developed.

By now I knew she liked her sex a little rough. So I took my right hand and slapped her across her buttocks. I felt her hesitate ever so briefly with surprise. Yet at that same time I felt her quiver with excitement. With each slap being a little harder, her quivering under the whip increased. It was like riding a thoroughbred rounding the corner and heading for the stretch run. This lady is definitely a winner as she let’s go again.

Looking downward her ass hole was even more inviting. I slowly took the tip of my index finger and played with the rim of her anal opening. As I gently put pressure on the opening, my finger slipped inside of her. I felt the moistness of the smooth tissue beneath my finger tip and gently started to massage it. I felt the bulge of my penis in her vagina through this sensitive layer of tissue. As she pumped back and forth I kept the pressure of my finger against the imprint of my dick. Once again her pace sped up until she reached a height of climax once again.

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