Tie me up.... tie me down....  

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Tie me up.... tie me down....

It's a cold wet Friday afternoon. You have just parked outside the address of a friend's house... you've come to collect some tools you've loaned him. What you don't know is that he is away and a stranger is houseminding. After knocking on the door, it is opened by a plump but cute, maori woman who looks to be in her mid to late 30's - not really what you go for... but you find her kinda interesting. Is it the dimpled smile? Her soft, sexy voice? Or the fact that she seems to be wearing nothing but a bathrobe?

I'm at a friend's for the weekend, looking after the place while he's away. I'm getting ready to go out on the town when there is a knock at the door. I stop what I'm doing, put on a bathrobe and answer the door to find a very cute you - standing at the door. I give you a smile and ask what you want.

You tell me about the tools in the shed out in the back garden, and you've come to collect them.
I take you thru the house to the back door and show you out into the garden. Not realising that when I bent down to slip on some shoes, my bathrobe falls open, giving you full view of my plump creamy breasts... You were right... I AM naked underneath!
I show you the shed and leave you to it, I say I have to finish some things and go back inside

Less than a minute later, you hear a 'buzzing' noise coming from the house, you try to ignore it, but after a couple more minutes your curiosity gets the better of you and you decide that maybe you should check it out.

You quietly walk to the bedroom door to find it slightly ajar, and peeking in you find me naked, on the bed, my legs spread wide (the bed is facing you... so you can see every thing!!!), shaving my pubes. The sight of my exposed pussy, makes your cock jump, and you don't notice that I have seen you... And I have decided to have some fun...

I turn off the shaver and reach for some moisturiser by the bed... Spreading my legs even wider, I start rubbing it over the freshly shaven area, now and then my fingers gently passing over my clit or sliding into my now wet pussy.
You can see how wet I am now, my clit is engorged and shiny, the slurping noise of my pussy sucking on my fingers...you are sooo hard now, that it hurts. You unzip your jeans, pull out your cock and start stroking.

At this stage, I am so turned on that I'm rubbing my clit faster, my hips moving, I start pulling on my nipples - you watch as my body suddenly becomes rigid, I scream and juices spurt in a stream from my clit... you've never seen anything like it, but you know you want to taste it.

I'm lying on the bed with my eyes closed, still rubbing my clit, when I feel your presence. I open my eyes and there you are, with that beautiful cock of yours just inches from my face. As you start to undress, you say ' I have a tool YOU might like to borrow.."
You place your cock on my lips, I gratefully open wide and start to run my tongue around the tip, gently teasing, before I take as much as possible into my mouth and start sucking your sweet length.

Your fingers have moved down to replace mine, and you are now gently rubbing my clit while fiercely fucking my wet slippery hole, you feel my muscles tighten as again the juices flood and your hand is covered with me. The sensation of this and my mouth on your cock bring you close... but you don't want to come yet.

Seeing some silk scarves on a dresser, you decide that YOU'RE gonna have some fun. Pulling your still hard cock out of my mouth, you reach over and grab them, then bending down you whisper in my ear "Do you trust me?". I look into your eyes - and although I don't even know you, I know I can. I reply softly but confidently - "Yes".

You bend your head down and gently take one of my nipples in your mouth, sending shivers thru me, while at the same time, gently wrapping a silk scarf around my right wrist and then tying it to the headboard. I'm so lost in the pleasure of what your tongue is doing to my body, I don't even notice when you do the same with my left wrist. You then start kissing your way down, over my tummy, over my thighs, but... You’re teasing... you don't lick or even kiss me THERE!!!! You continue down to my inner thigh and start to tie my right ankle to the bed and then my left... all the while kissing and licking... so only now I realise that I am completely vulnerable... and loving it!!
You kiss your way back up my body, and with a smile on your face take the last scarf in your hand, you look into my eyes and say ..."You'll be safe - I promise". You then start to kiss my lips while placing the material over my eyes and tying it at the back.
You then take a moment to stand back and take in your handiwork. I am completely naked, spread-eagled, a soaking wet, freshly shaved pussy, beautiful firm creamy coloured breast with rock hard nipples... And ALL for you...

Finally you climb onto the bed and straddle my face. You dangle your cock so that it just grazes my skin, and gently start moving it over my cheeks. Blindfolded, I feel it and am unsure what it is - however I can feel the trail of warm precome, and instinctively try to search it out with my mouth, but you keep it just out of reach. Frustrating me... teasing me... making me hungry for more.
You slowly slide your cock over my chin, down my neck, my chest, stopping briefly at my titties... circling my right nipple and then the left... leaving them shiny with your sweet juice...My body is starting to writhe uncontrollably - I'm moaning with pleasure, begging you - but still you take your time...

You continue to trail your cock down my body... making silvery circles over my stomach and thighs and bring it to rest between the entrance of my smooth pussy lips.
As you finally bend your head to start gently licking and kissing my face, you gently part my pussy lips and rub the tip of your cock against my clit.
My whole body arches as I pull on my restraints and scream out. You feel a stream of juice gush over your cock - And you're not even inside me!!!
You place one of your hands between my legs then you start to spread my juices over me. Over my stomach... my breasts... my neck... then you slide a couple of fingers in my mouth watching as I hungrily lick them clean.
You then continue your way down my body - Sucking on my lips and gently darting your tongue in and out of my mouth... you gently press your body against mine and again I start to moan and plead. Again pulling against the scarves my hips grind against yours... arching my back I rub my nipples against your chest.
As a teaser you slide your cock inside me - it's sooo warm and wet - my pussy walls squeeze around you... suck on you. I scream at you to fuck me!!... ram it right up there!!!... to do it now!! This excites you to the edge, but you still aren't ready and you pull out. My hips reach for your cock. I'm begging you to put it back but you just smile and continue to kiss down my neck to my nipples. As you lick you can faintly taste your precome and my juices mixed. As I push my nipple against your lips you gently start to bite it causing my body to again thrash with pleasure.
Your lips start to lick our juices that are covering my stomach, your hands on each of my breasts - pulling... squeezing.
As your face gets near your goal my hips again start to grind. I feel your tongue as it trails over my pubic bone and stops just at the edge of the dip. You feel the heat and smell the sweetness of my excitement, You watch as my clit swells and throbs once more with anticipation. I draw a deep breath then softly beg, "Please".
This time you accede - sliding your tongue down to the tip of my clit. This time you feel as my body underneath you tenses... Your face gets pushed into the folds as I again raise my back and arch my hips - another scream leaves my mouth as I come close to blacking out and you not only feel but taste the rush of my juice as I come.
Not wasting a moment you open your mouth - sucking... drinking... your tongue still flicking - mouth sucking on my clitoris causing my hips to buck uncontrollably as you make me come again and again and again. I'm not sure how much more I can handle!!!
However, when your mouth suddenly stops it's work, my mind screams out for more.
I feel you undo the knots on my ankles and I feel disappointed... Have you had enough?? Are we finished?
I feel you start to kiss and lick your way back up until I feel your breath on my cheek.
Sliding your cock between my pussy lips and rubbing my clit with it's length you whisper,"Do you want THIS?" All I can do is moan - relief floods my mind - there's more...you want more... and I want to give you more.
Again you whisper, "What do you want me to do with it? Tell me!" "Fuck me..." I whisper back "Please - fuck me now".
All at once I feel your hips raise up and then my body tenses with pleasure as I feel your hard cock ram into my hot, wet, tight hole - so good...
I feel the scarf around my eyes loosen as you then take it off my head and say, "I think we should both see this." You then kneel, cock still inside me and hold my ankles in the air, spreading my legs wide. So wide that we can both see your cock as it slides in and out of my hungry pussy. Watch - as it escapes from the sucking hole all shiny with my juice. Feel - as my pussy lips grab on it as it pulls out.
You start to pump me harder... faster... jolting my whole body with every push.
You feel the walls of my pussy squeezing around you...caressing your length... Like the warm, silky massage. Your cock has never felt a pussy like this before.
You drive your cock so deep it's making me crazy - it feels as though it's ramming against my stomach.
Harder... faster... I feel your cock getting thicker... again I come - my pussy streams with my juice, this does it... I feel your cock jerk and another hot flood fills me as you thrust your hips hard against me and a give deep groan. Your body tenses and your mind goes to 'that' place for a few seconds - but what seems like eternity.
Then you're back - leaving your cock inside my ever-suckling pussy , you gently lower my legs onto the bed and lie on top of my body, reaching up to untie my wrists. You then look into my eyes and smile saying, "Well, If you EVER need to borrow my tool again - Let me know."

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Another red hot exciting contribution...keep it up!

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lovely work for a toolman - delicious

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5/26/2010 1:35 pm

Whats the address where the tools are

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6/17/2010 12:00 am

hi,hows things going very interested in getting to no you more i luv pussy an yours looks great !!!

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think we should meet xxx

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3/19/2011 7:43 pm

a handmans dream come true only wish it was me

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