The office......  

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The office......

Scene: Your office - An enclosed room with a large desk that sits in front of a large window that can be seen by a large building of offices.
I am a client who has come in for advice in whatever it is you do.
I am wearing a dark mid-thigh length skirt and a black diaphanous top that buttons up the front - the two top buttons are undone. My lacy black bra against my pale skin is barely, yet teasingly, visible thru the material.

You welcome me in closing the door behind us, and placing a hand in the small of my back, guide me to a chair in front of your desk and invite me to sit. The soft silky feel of the material against your hand causes you to become excited and as I bend to sit, you get a glimpse down my shirt of my plump, creamy breasts - trying to burst out of their constraints. Your hand remains there for that one second too long... and I'm instantly aware of your interest. A warm moistness is felt between my thighs.

Although you try to hide it, as you go behind your desk, your erection is obvious, and all at once I make up my mind that before I leave that office - I WILL have you!!!!

You sit and start talking about how you can fix my problem, trying to be as professional as possible but my mind is only on seducing you.

I cross my legs ensuring that my skirt rides up my thigh - I make no attempt to pull it down and you now notice the lacy top of my stockings. You are now ROCK hard.

Then I uncross my legs, pretending to be unaware of the fact that you now have full view of the top of my thighs. You can see the wet patch spreading over the crotch of my panties and the odd pubic hair that sticks out the side - glistening with my moisture. Even from where you are sitting you can smell my juices, feel the heat.

The gentleman in you wants to avert your gaze - but the sexual animal in you wants more. I feel this conflict and to reassure you, I lean forward to lean over your desk, allowing another vision of my breasts and with a smile on my face, sweetly purr, "Do you think you can solve this problem I have?"
Your guttural moan is all the invitation I need. In one fluid motion I sit on the edge of your desk then swing around to face you- spreading my legs wide, knees bent, placing my stiletto encased feet on either side of you, on the arms of your chair.

You place your hands on my hips and pull me towards you and as your face zeroes in on my lace covered pussy - your hands go up to my breasts and start squeezing and toying with them.

Your mouth now sucking... licking me thru my panties, feeling how hard my clitoris has become. I'm moaning as waves of pleasure surge thru my body - evident by the juices flowing from me.

You pull my panties to one side and tease me with your tongue before sliding your tongue deep into me. I try to muffle a scream as my body stiffens and I come in your mouth - but you haven't finished with me yet - your cock is hard and there is only one place you want to put it.

You slide back on your chair and pull me with you as you stand, you turn me around and bend me over your desk. You spread my legs wide while unzipping your trousers. You lean forward and whisper, "The only problem you have at the moment is a hot, wet pussy that needs this!" Pulling my panties to one side you thrust your cock forcefully and deeply into me...again I come.

You reach in front of me and undo 2 more buttons of my shirt, reach into the top of my bra and free my breasts and grabbing hold you start thrusting - faster... harder... deeper...
Aware of those in the outer offices we try to control our sounds of pleasure - yet you know how much I'm enjoying it by the juices dripping all over your balls - you're nearly there... I can feel you getting harder, thicker - the ridges of your cock causing sensations along the length of my vagina, you're on the edge - and so am I!
Then some one knocks on the door!!!!????

The situation we're in causes us to react instinctively - yet our lust makes us irrational.

Instead of straightening my clothing and returning to the chair I dive under the desk - you quickly sit back in your chair and at that moment a work colleague walks thru the door.

And although he has a puzzled look on his face - the smell of our sex pervades the air - your professionalism returns. You talk "shop".
However, under the desk - I am trapped with a huge, blood engorged penis - what's a girl to do????

I take your male flesh in my mouth, gently licking, running circles with my tongue, fondling your balls with my hands. As you converse you are trying to push me away with your hands - but I will not be denied!!! I hear your breath becoming laboured, as does the other person in the room. I've slid your cock deep into my mouth - sucking your thick, hard sweet rod - again, you're close.
Desperation is the Mother of Invention - you find an excuse to get rid of the workmate.

No sooner has the door closed behind him, you pull out of my mouth and pull me from under the desk, pushing me onto my back on your desk. Sliding my skirt over my hips you grab the top of my panties and rip them off.

Taking my holding an ankle in either hand you spread me so wide I think I'm going to split in two. And as you thrust you cock into me once more you groan, "I'll solve your problem - once and for all!!!" You're pumping me hard and fast, watching your cock sliding in and out of me - noticing how my swollen pussy lips grab the sides of your cock as you withdraw.

Again I notice you're getting close and this time we,re gonna finish it!!!

Between gritted teeth I beg you to fuck me harder - faster - harder - faster... Simultaneously our bodies stiffen and we both cry out - hot juices spurt and flow.
Spent, you withdraw from me - your softening cock covered and dripping with our issue. Your exit has also allowed all our trapped liquids to ooze from my entrance. There is nothing to wipe ourselves with.

You pull me to the floor - on to my back and again place your face between my legs while turning to straddle my face. We realise this not to be an act of lust but of mutual appreciation and we gently lick and suck our juices off each other. As one final gesture you turn around and bring your face to mine - placing your mouth on mine your part my lips with you tongue and I feel a gush of our juices from my pussy, enter my mouth.

Slowly we stand and make adjustments our clothing and it is only then that we notice that people from the adjacent building staring at us. Yet we are unembarrassed. Somehow seeing the humour in it all, we wave and take a bow.

I again take my place in the chair in front of your desk and just as I am seated your colleague again comes in. Again, puzzled because it was only 10 minutes since he was last there. He acknowledges my presence and asks how things are. I respond with a light smile on my face "I'm very happy with the service, I hope to come again"

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5/25/2010 1:24 am

Now what office is that....? I think I have an appointment there!

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6/6/2010 5:13 pm

That would be so so much fun

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6/27/2010 10:28 pm

very very good

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