Morning romp....... Parts 1 and 2  

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8/5/2006 5:47 am

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Morning romp....... Parts 1 and 2

My eyelids flutter open - and I feel your body - behind me - pressed against the length of mine.
You have a hand cupping my one of my breasts - a finger and thumb gently teasing my nipple - Is it this pleasure that broke me from my slumber???

Or is it the action of your other hand - gently covering my pelvic region - one finger lightly brushing against the tip of my clitoris - one finger gently parting my pussy lips...

I feel your rock hard cock placed along the crease of my buttocks - the head at the entry point of my pussy - instantly I'm wet!!

You feel me stir under your touch and your ministrations become bolder - you feel my wetness and slide a finger into me - you feel my muscles close around your finger - do you enjoy that warm wet pulsing sensation??

I turn my head to kiss you - our mouths gently touch and our lips part - we dart our tongues in and out of each others mouths - playing "catch and suck me if you can!".

I lower my hand to your hardness - and gently caress the length and circumference - feeling amazed at just how hard you are, how you cock throbs - the heat... My mind screams "Fuck Me Fuck Me!!!"

I press back against you and part my thighs - now covered in my juices - and you read my mood

You remove your finger from my inner depths and open my pussy lips - they are so swollen!! - and place the head of your cock at my entrance - my fingers still there - not to guide - but because I don't want to let it go!

You push your head gently - altho soaking wet, the hole is tight - you'll have to be more forceful - in one smooth movement - you pull back slightly, place your free hand on my hip and lunge your cock at it's target .

I come as you enter me , do you enjoy the feeling of the gush of my juices all over your cock????
And even while I'm coming, my pussy is sucking you in wanting to swallow all of you. I feel you grow bigger!! You decide just to remain in there - not moving - to enjoy the sensations.

You move your hand back to my clitoris - this makes my pussy pulse and contract even more - my clitoris is so sensitive - I come again!

I'm moaning - my body shuddering ,hips gyrating - I have no control - you're pressing the buttons - and I love it!! But you don't let up.

You bring your juice covered hand up to my other breast and gently transfer the moisture onto my nipples. I turn the upper part of my body to allow you to suck it off. As you lower your mouth to my tittie - so do I - and we both lick my breast and your fingers - our tongues touch from time to time - you become turned on even more!! Your cock starts to "kick' in side me. But our hips still remain stationary - I consciously start to contract and release my pussy muscles in a rhythmic pattern - adding to the sensations already coursing thru my vagina - massaging you, grabbing you, sucking on you.

You're close..... I feel you getting thicker - it feels so good I squeeze my muscles harder ,faster....
I'm also on the edge... - My moaning becomes ragged...we kiss... more urgently this time - sucking long and hard on each others tongues. I scream in your mouth as I come again - and this causes you to stiffen... then YOU cry out - I feel your explosion inside me... I come again and again. I almost black out . So good.....

As the euphoria fades, we lie there in the same position - your spent cock still enjoying the pulsing,wet warmth of my pussy - your hands gently fondling my body - I'm not sure what's going thru your mind - but mine is thinking of how I'm going to pleasure you next and soon....... Will u be up for it????!!!!

Part 2

As we lie there together - our sweat soaked bodies bonded together- the aroma of our sex permeates the air, enveloping us -your hands gently caressing the front of me - you're nibbling my neck - I'm purring with pleasure.

Then you whisper in my ear "I'm thirsty - may I?"
A low moan of anticipation escapes my lips - this is all the response you require..... I feel you harden in me - yet.... you gently pull out even while my pussy is squeezing on you, sucking on you, begging you not to leave me.

You kiss and lick you way down my back - slowly.... sensuously.... tasting the salt of our sweat on my body. You kiss my bum cheeks - maybe a gentle bite - but the smell of our juices is now overpowering. I part my thighs slightly as your nose gently nudges its way to the ambrosia that awaits.

You place your head fully between my legs - all you can smell is our sex - I turn onto my back and spread my legs wide. You're licking the dried juices off my thighs while parting my still swollen pussy lips with your fingers - you feel the heat, smell the sweet scent, see the wetness - I'm slowly gyrating my hips now.

You slowly lick up then gently flick my clit with your tongue- I tense - I scream - I come again!!!! But you continue now gently sucking - I continually moan "I want you now - pleeeeease"
Finally you relent and slide up my body - you place your mouth on mine, I open my lips and you give me a mouth of our juices - so sweet!!!!

I arch against you - now... give it to me NOW!!! Your thrust you cock into me - I want it hard ..Fast...""Fuckme ...fuckme..." I continually moan . You're hard - so hard. I"m tight and wet - We're both close. Thrusting, grinding, too much!! We both cry in ecstasy together. Pulsing, convulsing , juices gushing. I fall back on the bed - completely sated - you meld onto my body - completely drained. Your head nestled betwen my breasts. Somehow I manage to find the strength to lean forward and kiss your forehead. We look in each others eyes - filled with contentment - and then drift off.... your cock still inside me.

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5/31/2010 7:18 pm


Now I'm really Hot "N" Bothered...It's ashame you're so far away .. I'd love to live out your dreams

Yes your senuous neck .... oh how your neck sends shivers down your whole body as it falls in to a state of total arousal .. every inch is wanting your attention .. time .. touch ... and kisses ... Ohh my god you are so erotic I imagine your smile your eyes .. everythingthing spells PASSION/DESIRE.

Well I came here to do some work .. how hard is that going to be now .. now that you have awakend my inner feelings.
Have a great day and thanks for the blog

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6/6/2010 4:49 pm

Execllent would you like to make it happen as I work in New Plymouth
and love to eat your pussy before entering you



earthwormjack 48M
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6/6/2010 4:53 pm

can be found in get local
groups near me
sex in Taranaki (near the bottom)
join the group then we can chat

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6/26/2010 3:38 am

Awesome post
It is everything I was hoping for
Hope to get that secret phone in action

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6/27/2010 10:34 pm

I would luv to wake up every morning like that.i like a pussy that sucks your cock dry, as im sure you do. I would like to make you come over and over.

matth9191 25M

2/20/2011 2:57 am

hi there wondering if you would like to be eaten and have fun with me?

rm_nakifred 50M
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3/14/2011 3:38 pm

nice story babe. if you want a big hard cock cum find me hehe

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4/29/2011 1:24 pm


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5/3/2011 9:23 pm

nirvana eh

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