Putting the Fun back into Fun Bags!  

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9/7/2006 11:06 am

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Putting the Fun back into Fun Bags!

My woman's breasts are lovely but she's a little self conscious of them because she thinks they are not big enough. She doesn't seem big on having them stimulated and prefers other areas being caressed, tasted or teased.

I must admit, I can have her climbing the wall using her other areas but I'd like to include more breast play but I don't get much response from her body when I go there (other than erect nipples) due to her self consciousness. She says she just likes them cupped with my hands during sex, but I think this is just another way to cover them up.

I could just leave well enough alone, but I feel we're missing out on a key area, so I think I'll just try a add a few things during foreplay.

Can you rate the following in terms of what you find most successful or stimulating? And maybe just suggest what works for you?


Byron xxx
a light caress around the breast, but not on the nipple
cupping the breasts and gently squeezing them
tightly squeezing the breasts
a light caress of the nipple
a firm caress of the nipple
pulling and tweaking the nipples lightly with fingers
tweaking the nipples hard
rolling the tongue around the nipple
pushing the tongue into the nipple
gently nipping the nipples with teeth

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